(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #75: Triberg

Triberg is a town in the Central Black Forest in Germany. It’s close to the town of Schonach (famous for the world’s first largest cuckoo clock). It’s about 128 km from Stuttgart (approximately 1 hour 35 minutes away). Triberg is known for its cuckoo clocks, the Black Forest Museum, and one of the highest waterfalls in Germany. It’s a picturesque town. There are also restaurants and cafés for hungry travelers.

The Haus der 1000 Uhren or House of 1000 clocks sells reasonably priced Black Forest souvenirs and traditional cuckoo clocks that range from €100 to over €9000. There are many other stores in town that sell the same products but this store has a cuckoo that comes out of the large clock outside the store.

The Black Forest Museum showcases different arts and crafts from the region. The museum also includes wood carvings, clocks of all sizes, traditional attires, bobsleds, and mineral stones. This museum is larger than it looks from the outside and has a lot to offer its visitors.

The mannequins below show the typical traditional regional attire. The woman on the end with the red balls on her hat is wearing a Bollenhut or Bollen hat. This is typically worn during special events and celebrations. Single women wear red hats while married women wear black.

The picture below displays the different Schäppel. Women from the Southern and Central Black Forest wear these on their heads during special occasions. It’s made from colored glass beads and mirrors.

There are staircases, doorways and different levels that make this museum more interesting. It also has a café for visitors that want to try the famous Black Forest cake.

The Wasserfälle or waterfalls in Triberg is one the highest in Germany. It cascades down 535 ft or 163 meters in 7 stages. The water comes from the river Gutach.

Its a good hike up to the top. Make sure to wear good walking shoes with good treads. The ground can get slippery, wet, or icy depending on the time and season of your visit.

The air is cool and fresh and the view just gets better the higher you climb. There are a few areas to take pictures. There are also signs that give information about the local wildlife and foliage.

The view is breathtaking from the top. The town can be seen beyond the trees below while the water cascades down the mountain.

A half day trip to Triberg should be sufficient. Add another hour or two if you plan on going to Schonach which is town next to it. We saw both towns in one day. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your visit just like we did.

For more info: http://triberg.de/index.php?id=278