Santorini, Greece (Day 3 Of 3)

It’s our final day in Santorini. We took a last walk around Imerovigli where our apartment is located. Santorini is easily on our top five favorite destinations.

A few info if you’re planning a trip here:

  • Plan to stay a minimum of 3 to 4 days in Santorini.
  • It’s less expensive and less crowded if you visit before May (April is perfect). The owner of the place we stayed at recommends October and November too (but it’s colder).
  • Imerovigli is a a good place to find a hotel/apartment to stay at (short walk to Firostefani and Fira).
  • A ferry ride (like Blue Star) is an affordable way to get there from other islands. It takes a few hours longer than a high speed ferry but there is more room to roam. You can bring as many luggage as you want without the extra charge. It’s also half the price of a plane ticket without the taxi ride to the airport and the 2 hour wait prior to the flight.
  • A high speed ferry is a faster option than the big regular ferries but a little more expensive. Book it early in the summer months. There’s no smoking on this type of ferry. There is no going outside. There are assigned seats and it’s comfortable enough for the trip. There’s also a snack bar inside.
  • Buy drinks and snacks prior to the ferry rides. Eat a meal prior to boarding to avoid mediocre and expensive meals onboard.
  • Take the local bus to get to different towns if you have time to spare (it’s easy and economical).
  • Ride the cable car down to the dock in Fira.
  • Don’t miss the sunset!


Place to stay:

Langas Villas Apartments in Imerovigli

Reasons to stay here:

  • Family owned business
  • Affordable
  • Clean room and bathroom
  • Small but charming room (you can get bigger ones)
  • Nice view from the room and rooftop.
  • Great service
  • Breakfast is delivered to your room everyday
  • They provide rides to your destination for the day (for a fee)

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Santorini, Greece (Day 2 Of 3)

Santorini, known for its blue and white colored buildings and breath-taking scenery. Churches are plenty and the people are friendly.

Day 2 of our trip here. We kick off the day with a fresh and delicious breakfast. Nick (the owner) of Langas Villas apartments personally delivered it to our room.

Upon check in, we were asked what we wanted for breakfast and what time we wanted to have it. It was delivered on the dot. We opted for fresh bread, fruits, eggs, croissant, strawberry and apricot marmalade, ham and cheese, orange juice, warm cinnamon cake, Greek yogurt with honey, and Greek coffee (boiled coffee that is strong and rich but not bitter). We also paid a small fee to have scrambled eggs and bacon. Great breakfast to give us energy for our sight-seeing trip today.

First stop is Monolithos beach. It’s a family friendly beach. The black sand is soft and kids love the shallow waters. Langas Villas offers a ride to and from the beach for 25 euros each way. This is more convenient than taking 2 bus rides. It will also save you some time. Monolithos beach is about a 15 minute car ride from our apartment.

Tip: In the summer, leave for the beach early if you want to beat the crowd.

There’s a small wooden shack for changing clothes and a little outdoor shower. There’s also a store across the beach if you need to grab some water, snacks, hat or beach towel.

We were picked up by Anna (owner of Langas Villas) and taken back to the apartment for a quick rinse and change.

Next stop is the town of Oia (pronounced “ee-yah”). A town lined with souvenir shops, art stores, and restaurants.

We are taking the bus there. It’s a short walk from Langas Villas to the bus stop. The fare is only 1.20 euros per person per way. The bus comes every 30 minutes. Just wait near the sign and get on the bus. There will be someone collecting the fare during the trip.

It’s a little past lunch by the time we arrived in Oia so we decided to get something to eat before walking around town. We’ve been eating Greek cuisine since arriving in Athens six days ago. We decided to grab something different instead.

A burger place called Foodsteps is a few steps away from the bus station and on the way to the shopping district.

I love the simplicity of the menu.

We ordered the bacon cheeseburger, and fries with cheddar and bacon. The fries were crispy and the cheddar on top was creamy and tasty (unfortunately, my family got to it before I could take a picture). The burger was mouth-watering and delicious. It was juicy and cooked perfectly. It was served in a box instead of a plate. I thought that was different and cool. We each received a piece of apple tart for free. Service was quick and the waitress was friendly.

Foodsteps is a newly opened burger joint. They serve burgers, breakfast, and brunch. I would definitely come back again.

All the shops are only a short walk up the hill from here.

The road ends at the top so we chose turn right ➡️

Time to go before the bus loads of other tourists get here.

Tip: leave before 5 p.m. in early April or a few hours before sunset in the summer months. The crowd multiplies right before sunset.

Oia is a nice town. The view is stunning and the shops are picture worthy. The souvenirs are a little expensive. Small items seems reasonable enough but wait until you get to other towns like Fira to buy your mementos.

The bus stop (pic below) is where we take the bus to Fira. The bus comes every 30 minutes. There’s also ATMs for your shopping convenience and in case you need cash for bus fare.

Next stop, Fira.

Finally Fira!

After getting off the bus, make a right, then another right at the end of the street (where the bus is turning) to get to the main square where all the stores and restaurants are located.

If you go straight instead of making a right, this is what you’ll see.

If see this structure (pic above), you’re at the end of the road, go back down the street and turn left.

You should end up on this road (pic below)

The road splits so we chose to go right

If you need a little pampering and your feet hurts from all the walking, get your feet cleaned by little fishes.

My husband and daughter thought it would be fun to have their feet chewed on by tiny fishes. It’s a different experience to help remember the trip.

I chose to get a pedicure on the second floor instead. I could hear my family laughing all the way from the first floor. My daughter couldn’t stop bragging how soft her feet felt afterwards.

Now we’re ready to put our feet to work again.

We decided to take the cable car down to the little dock below the town. It costs 5 euros per person one way.

Down at the dock

We decided to ride the donkeys up the hill. It costs 7 euros per person. Another unique experience that made the trip memorable. We just followed the signs.

The whole family enjoyed the donkey ride.

Follow the blue numbered steps to get back to the shops and restaurants.

If you’re in Fira close to sunset, have a drink or an early dinner at one of the restaurants with a great view. There’s usually a separate area for diners who just want drinks and those who want to have a meal. We chose Niki restaurant. It had a nice view from the rooftop.

We chose fried calamaretti fritti and cozze al vapore. We also ordered daiquiri and mojito. The food was decent but the drinks were good. I only recommend this place for the view and the drinks. Save your money for a meal at a different place.

It’s hard not to have a good time when you have a view like this.

Santorini, Greece (Day 1 Of 3)

Santorini, a unique island halfway between Crete and Athens in Greece. It is known for its white-washed structures, astounding panoramic views, and romantic sunsets. It’s truly one of a kind. This is what comes to mind when I hear the word Greece.

There will be three parts to my Santorini blog. We will be staying here 3 days and 2 nights. I want to make you feel like you’re on this journey with me so you will see pictures as I take them throughout the day.

Our family came to Santorini by ferry. We booked this trip through one of the travel agencies in Athens. It’s an affordable way to travel. The trip took approximately 8 hours. There are options to get a package with a room (if you want to get some 😴). I suggest getting that package before your trip. There will no rooms available after sailing.

We boarded the Blue Star ferry before 7 a.m. We reached Santorini around 3:30 p.m. There are snack bars, a gift shop and a restaurant. All the passengers were excited to get the first glimpse of the island.

Debarkation took about 20 minutes. People were lined up and ready for the gigantic metal hatches to open. Kids started chanting loudly “Santorini! Santorini!”

Finally it opened.

First steps off the ferry.

The weather is nice and hot, not humid. My phone says 63 degrees Fahrenheit but it felt more like mid 70’s to low 80’s. The bus ride to the Langas Villas took about 20 minutes. I’m sure it would’ve been faster but there is only road going up to the towns and going back down to the port.

The place we chose to stay at, Langas Villas apartments sent someone to pick us up. Langas Villas is a family owned business. We were greeted by Nick (the owner) as soon as we stepped off the bus.

He took our luggage and showed us to the apartment. He gave us a quick tour and a few instructions for the AC.

The room is small but charming. There are two beds, a small eating area, and a bathroom with a small shower. There is also a small terrace outside our room with a fantastic view! The most important part is the room and bathroom are clean.

The view from our terrace.

Time to go sight seeing. The manager told us how to get to Fira. It’s a 20-30 minutes walk depending on our pace. The scenic route is just to the right of our room.

Head right to follow the path to Fira

A short path is coming up heading to stores and restaurants. I love seeing the mustard color moss (I think) on the boulders that make up the wall along each side of the path.

shops and food places ahead

We’re halfway to Fira. We are at Firostefani. I don’t think we’ll make it to Fira today. We’re about to stop for an early dinner so we can head back to catch the famous Sunset of Santorini at our hotel.

Remvi Restaurant in Firostefani

We’re trying the white wine of Santorini to start our dining experience.

Appetizers: Pita bread and red pepper dip to begin our meal. Constantino, our main waiter recommends the Shrimp Saganaki and Bruschetta with marinated olives and onions.

Main entree: Salmon and White fish (fresh catch of the day).

The food was delicious. I’ve never tasted a sauce like the one on the Shrimp Saganaki. The anchovies and onions on the bruschetta was mild and sweet. The Salmon and white fish tasted fresh. I’m not a foodie so I can only tell you if it’s good, bad, or great. This meal was great. The wine was ok. Our meal felt light and non-greasy. The ambiance was calm and relaxing. The service was terrific!

Thanks Constantino (older gentleman in pic) and colleagues for a wonderful dining experience!

Time to head out and catch some pics of the sunset.

Heading back to our apartment.

Below is a familiar structure you’ll see in the paintings they sell here. I saw it on one of the paintings in the store and wondered what the wheel looking object was. I thought they might have tried to portray the sunset… until I came across an actual place with the actual object (windmill).

More walking and pics…

Pics of sunset on the way back to our place.

We made it back just in time.

To the rooftop for the best view.

Today was a great day! See you tomorrow.