(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #78: Mainau, The Flower Island

Mainau, an island in Lake Constance. It is also known as the Flower Island. It’s 45 hectares of land that offers many different themed gardens, stores, restaurants, a small petting zoo, Metasequoia trees, a Baroque Palace, a Palace Church, and an Italian Floral Water Cascade.

A bus or ferry can take visitors from the harbor (Konstanz) to Mainau. I recommend taking the ferry. You’ll be able to get great shots of the harbor and “Imperia” the town’s landmark. Head to this building that says Fahrkarten. You’ll see it to your right as soon as you walk out of the underpass coming from the train station or Marktstätte (Market site).

The person at the BSB ticket counter speaks English and will give you directions on where and when to board to get to the island and back. It cost €34.90 per person (round trip plus entry into Mainau) €6 for children (boat trip, entry is free).

For more info on ticket prices: http://erlebnisflotte-bodensee.de/en/directions-hours-of-operation.html

The Italian Floral-Water-Cascade is built in the Italian Renaissance style. It has a Mediterranean flair during the spring and summer months. Cypress trees line each side of the water cascade from top to bottom.

This island offers many different and bright colored flowers on bushes and trees. Visitors are not the only ones attracted to the flowers. Bees admire them too. They add a nice touch to pictures.

There’s also something for the kids to enjoy. Kids can pet goats and ride ponies. Other fun places for kids: Water World, Blumi’s Lakeside World (3 – 6 years old), and Dwarf Village (1 – 4 years old).

Below is the entrance to the Butterfly House. It’s Germany’s second largest butterfly enclosure. There’s approximately 120 species of butterflies. Get ready for hot and humid! The temperature in here stays between 77 – 86 degrees Fahrenheit with 90% humidity. It seemed hotter because of all the visitors inside but it was worth the sweat.

The Metasequoia (Chinese Redwood) grows to at least 165 ft in height. The first exemplar was brought to Mainau in the 1950’s and 51 other Metasequoias were grown from cuttings. (See #10 on the map).

Below is a picture of the Baroque palace. Right beside it is the St. Marien Church. Visitors can book weddings, corporate events and private events on this island.

The St. Marien palace church was built in 1732 by Johann Caspar Bagnato. The church bell in St. Marien is one of the few bells in Lake Constance made before the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648).

The Italian Rose Garden beckons visitors to walk around and enjoy the marble statues, the different kinds of roses, fountains, and pergolas.

A Few Tips:

  • Bring appropriate allergy medications (epi-pen if you have an allergy to bee stings, and antihistamine for pollen).
  • Bring sunscreen, bottles water, and a hat. We visited at the end of May and it was already hot.
  • Wear good, comfortable walking shoes. You’ll be doing a lot of walking.
  • Eat before you go to Mainau or eat at the restaurants closest to the entrance. The restaurants in the middle of the island didn’t have enough seats so we had to buy snacks until we got back to the harbor in Constance.
  • Reserve half a day for your visit (this should include the ride to the island and back).
  • Reserve half a day to walk around the town of Constance (harbor and Market site).

Some information included in this blog post came from https://www.mainau.de/en/explore.html. Please click on this link for more Info about the Flower Island including events, history, online tickets, and flowers in bloom.