(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #77: Konstanz

Constance (Konstanz) is the largest town on Lake Constance in Germany. It was largely spared during World War II because the Allied forces thought it was part of Switzerland. The town offers a variety of restaurants, shopping centers, churches, cathedrals and museums.

Konstanz is approximately 164 km away from Stuttgart. It’s an hour and 56 minutes away by car. A train ticket costs €20 (second class seat) if visiting by train from Stuttgart. The trip takes about 2 hours.

The harbor side features the town landmark “Imperia.” This is a nine meter high statue of a scantily clad woman holding a naked man on each hand. One represents a pope and the other an emperor. (see blog post PPOD #76: Imperia for more info).

The Council building built in 1388 can also be found on the harbor side. This was used as a granary and warehouse. It’s also the place where Pope V was elected.

Konstanz has an excellent harbor with beer gardens, restaurants, food stands, and even a Ferris wheel.

The Ferris wheel is a great way to get pictures from above.

The underpass to get to the other side of town (the Marktstätte or market site) shows a few street art.

This side of town is picturesque if you like images of city life.

The fountain is also an interesting focal point.

The Rosgarten Museum was a favorite part of this visit. It’s an art and cultural history museum. There are 2 floors and 14 rooms. This place also includes a café.

The historic hall is on the ground floor. There are Jurassic fossils and items from the Neolithic and Bronze ages.

The “Richental chronicle” (pic below) which can be found in room 5 was made in 1464. It chronicles the Council of Constance.

The second floor titled “Sommer ’39” or “The Summer Of ’39” shows everyday life in Nazi Constance.

It will take a separate blog entry to be able to show all the interesting displays and their description.

For more info on this museum, copy and past link to google chrome for translation: http://www.rosgartenmuseum.de/

  • A half day trip should be sufficient to see the sights in the Marktstätte and the harbor.
  • A short ferry or bus ride (approximately 15-30 minutes) can take visitors to Mainau, also called the flower island. It has a botanical garden and butterfly enclosure. This is another half day trip. This place is worth seeing.
  • It’s safe to say reserve a day for both the island of Mainau and the town + harbor of Konstanz.
  • Other places to see: Niederburg Cathedral, Trinity Church (Dreifaltigskeitkirche), Stephanskirche (a Romanesque Church) and the Rathaus (town hall).
  • Some information on this blog entry came from http://konstanz.de/en/01800/index.html. Please use this link for more info.

I’ll be doing a blog post about Mainau and the Rosgarten Museum in the next few days. See you soon!