(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #89: Bebenhausen Monastery and Castle

Bebenhausen is a small town in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It’s approximately 41 km from Stuttgart or 32 minutes drive. It was founded in 1183 by Count Palatine, Rudolph of Tübingen.

The Bebenhausen Monastery is located in the Schönbuch forest. Schönbuch was a favorite hunting ground of the first King of Württemberg, Frederick I.

Admission for either the Monastery or Castle costs €5 for adults and €12.50 for families. I recommend getting the combination ticket and seeing both places. An adult ticket costs €9 and a family ticket costs €22.50.

We were greeted by the beautifully detailed vaulted ceilings. It gave the illusion that the room extended further.

Up to 80 monks and 130 lay brothers lived here at one time when the Cistercian Order took over. The pictures below are part of the dormitory.

It became a Protestant Monastery school during the Reformation.

(Below is a picture of a covered area where visitors wait to take the castle tour)

Part of the Monastery was converted into a hunting lodge by King Frederick I. This is where the last ruler of Württemberg, Wilhelm II resided after he abdicated in 1918. He lived there with his wife until his death.

(The Blue Hall: pic above. I found the details on the chandelier and the base of the table most impressive)
(The queen’s bed chamber, picture above)
(The Stag corridor, picture below)
(Hunting trophies from the 18th and 19th centuries can be seen all over the walls of the castle)

(The breakfast room and two guest bedrooms, pic below)

Below is a picture of the kitchen. The whole kitchen complex is large and includes several rooms.

It includes a chef’s office, cooking area, food preparation area, pantry, scullery, cool room, and linen cupboard and silver room.

A few tips:

  • The castle can only be viewed during a guided tour.
  • Expect to spend a few hours to half a day (depends on scheduled guided tour. We had to wait almost an hour to catch the next one)
  • There’s a photography permit fee of €3 to take pictures inside the castle and monastery. It’s worth it!
  • There’s a charging station for e-bikes on the grounds.

(The Monastery and Castle grounds, pics above)
*** Some information used on this blog entry came from the text given to English speakers, the tour guide, and the official site of Bebenhausen Kloster und Schloss. For more info: http://www.kloster-bebenhausen.de/