(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #80: The Treetop Walk and The Giant Slide at Bad Wildbad

Bad Wildbad is a town in Baden- Württemberg, Germany. The Treetop Walk and The Giant Slide at Bad Wildbad provides the perfect combination of nature, fitness and fun in one place.

The Baumwipfelpfad translates to Tree Top Path. The Giant Slide is part of the 40 meter high view tower at the end of the path. From the ramp in the tower, it has a length of 1,250 meters and rises 20 meters above the forest floor.

The walk among the trees gives a feeling of being one with nature. Different trees (beech trees, spruces, and firs) surround us as we stroll our way to the giant slide.

There are several learning stations for visitors to learn about the animals and foliage in the area. There are also mini obstacles for the whole family to enjoy. I thought it was pretty cool to see the forest underneath me.

The air is fresh and cool up here. The views around the path are beautiful. I love seeing how high up we are in the mountain. I’m beginning to see more of the clouds and tree tops.

The walk from the entrance to the view tower (giant slide) took approximately 35 minutes at a leisurely pace (this includes taking pictures and going through the mini obstacles). As we approach the entry way to the view tower, I’m amazed at the size of it and how a giant slide is located in the middle of the forest.

This is the view from the bottom (pic below). The humongous, spiraling, silver metal slide seems to come down from the sky.

As we walk through the spiral pathway, the sky seems to swallow the forest.

With a maximum gradient of 6%, the Treetop Walk and tower ramp make it easy for visitors with strollers and wheelchairs. The wire fencing of the railing make it easy to see the view from a seated position.

Finally on top! The 360 degree view of the Black Forest is magnificent. At this height, there is only one tree tall enough to peek over the side of the railing.

We’re all excited to slide to the bottom. There’s a separate fee to go on the slide. Cash only at this point. It costs €2 per person. Kids under the age of 6 can’t slide and will have to be accompanied back down the ramp to the exit.

Visitors get a mat to sit on and a quick brief. The instructions before sliding: sit on the mat and tuck your feet at the bottom. Grab the two handle bars on the sides, pull yourself forward, lay down, then give yourself a push down the slide. (Try not bring any loose objects like a water bottle which I had to tuck in-between my feet.). Screaming is optional 😆.

It took nearly an hour to get from the parking lot to the top of the giant slide. It took less than a minute to slide down but it was a lot of fun!

I recommend the Treetop Walk and the Giant Slide for everyone (families, nature lovers, hikers, adventurers) near the Stuttgart area. It’s approximately an hour drive from Stuttgart. The town is only a few minutes away from Baumwipfelpfad and offers visitors a place to eat and shop.

  • Dress appropriately for the season. We visited at the end of May and temperatures are past 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Bring a hat and lather some sunscreen in the spring and summer months.
  • Hydrate before you walk.
  • There’s a store at the bottom of the slide if you want to buy souvenirs.
  • Check out the Sommerbergbahn. It’s Baden-Württemberg’s highest funicular (a cable railway ascending a mountain). It has connected Bad Wildbad’s center with the Sommerberg for over 100 years.
  • For more information: http://www.baumwipfelpfad-schwarzwald.de/en