(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #94: The Schönbuchturm

Having fun doesn’t have to be expensive. Today was exactly that, a fun and economical day. My daughter and I didn’t want to spend too much money but wanted to get out of the house. We wanted to celebrate the last day of school. She reminded me of a newly opened attraction just 10 minutes from our house. It’s called the Schönbuch tower or Schönbuchturm.

“Turm” means “tower” in Deutsch. Schönbuch refers to the forest south west of Germany. Parking is free and so is the visit to the tower. This place just opened last weekend.

It’s about a 5 minute walk from the parking lot to the tower. The short walk was nice because we got to enjoy the forest around us. The bright green trees made was a nice contrast to the blue and white sky. A group of small steps led us to a clearing where the tower was located.

We had fun taking pictures before we climbed the big tower. It looked really high from the ground.

After climbing to the first deck, my daughter didn’t want to go up any further. She stayed where I could see her and I continued to climb the next two levels. The tower was open all around except for the railings. The view around me was already wonderful just from where I was standing at the staircase. I was excited to reach the top.

The climb was dizzying but the 360 degree view from the top was worth it.

  • There were approximately 175 steps to get to the top (I probably missed a step or two).
  • It felt like the tower was moving when it got windy (it’s probably all in my head).
  • Be careful going up and down the stairs if you have issues with vertigo, lightheadedness, or dizziness (I felt a little lightheaded going up and had to hold on to the railing).

After the tower visit, we drove across the street to Nature Park. This is also free to visitors.

We spent 30 minutes just hanging out with the deers and feeding them leaves and apples.

After our nature walk, we headed to our favorite hot chocolate place. The Ritter chocolate factory is located in Waldenbuch and has the best hot chocolate in Baden-Würtemberg. This place was only 20 minutes away from the Schönbuchturm and Nature Park.

We visited the choco exhibition because my daughter wanted to check out the chocolate machine that gives free chocolates. After drinking our rich, creamy hot chocolate drinks at the café, we bought a few chocolate bars and called it a day. For less than a quarter tank of gas and €15, we had an awesome day together! Have a great day!

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