(Positive Poc Of the Day) PPOD #92: Colorful Calw

Calw is a town in Germany located in the middle of Baden-Württemberg. It’s approximately 47 km or a 39 minute drive from Stuttgart.

Over 200 houses from the 17th century are protected in this town. Calw is part of the 28 places along the regional route of the German half-timbered road in the southern part of Germany.

(Pic Below) I saw this store as I went down the hill to a large road. The sign on the door says “Giuseppe’s Feinkost Lädle” which translates to Giuseppe’s delicatessen. He opened his business in October of 2016. He sells goods from Italy such as prosciutto, wine, cheese, bread, and olive oil. All fruits and vegetables in his store come from the Stuttgart region. (There is a blog entry about Giuseppe and his store titled “Adventures in Calw” (PPOD #60).

Calw has a lot to offer visitors such as: many traditional half-timbered houses, shops, restaurants, and friendly residents.

The restaurant called Adria (pic below) sells delicious sandwiches, coffee drinks and gelato. This is where I stopped to eat lunch before continuing to explore the town.

There’s also a park for families to enjoy. Kids enjoy the wooden structures on the playground while parents sit on the grass by the river to enjoy the sunshine.

The Schönbuch Brewery is one of my favorite breweries in Baden-Württemberg. This location has a nice view of the river and park.

The food is delicious and they have a great selection of beers. I recommend the ham hock and schnitzel.

(Pic below) My favorite half-timbered house in Calw located near the playground.

(Pic below) The Hirsau Monastery is only a few minutes drive from the old town. It’s also known as the Monastery of St. Peter and Paul. It was consecrated in 1091.

This is one of the most picturesque ruins in Baden-Württemberg.

For more info: https://www.calw.de/welcome

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