(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #87: Hazel Mountain Chocolate in Ireland

Hazel Mountain Chocolate is a bean to bar factory and shop in the Burren mountains of Ireland. It’s one of the most remote and smallest factories in the world.

Inside of these gates is a charming factory, shop, and café. The smell of melted chocolate excited our senses as soon as we entered the door. We were greeted by a lovely man who gave us a quick tour of the place. He explained that they use grass-fed cows milk for their milk chocolate and only the finest cacao beans (Trinitario and Criollo) to make their high-quality chocolate.

Their chocolate makers hand roast the cacao beans before stone grinding it for 40 hours. That’s a lot of grinding! It’s aged for 3 weeks before being transformed from bean to chocolate bar. It’s a long process but worth the wait. After all, quality takes time.

If there are wine tasting in wineries, Hazel Mountain Chocolate has chocolate tasting for their visitors. They have a guided 45 minute tour on weekends at 1 p.m. (good for visitors 12 years and up). Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do the tasting. The gentleman was kind enough to let my daughter hold one of the largest and heaviest chocolate bars we’ve ever seen or carried. This is way heavier and a lot more dense than the giant Hershey bars sold for over $30 in the States. This is how it looks before the chocolatiers turn them into tasty and easy to carry chocolate bars.

There are a variety of chocolate bars to choose from. We just wish we could’ve tried them all. The true test of a great chocolate is the taste. How did it fare? It passed with flying colors! Rich, deep, great quality chocolates in the palm of our hands. Sinfully delicious!

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