(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #84: The Collegiate Church of St. Mary in Herrenberg

The Stiftskirche or Collegiate Church of St. Mary in Herrenberg is one of my favorite churches to take pictures of. It dates back to 1293. It was extensively renovated between 1971 and 1982. Choir stalls from 1517 and a stone pulpit created in 1504 by Meister Hanselmann are housed in this church.

The church is the focal point of several steps from different points in town. Visitors eagerly climb to view the rest of the church.

The Church also houses the Glockenmuseum or Bell museum. It showcases 30 ringing bells in its belfry which includes bells spanning nine centuries.

The dome and clock tower can be seen from afar. It towers over the Rathaus (town hall) and the Marktplatz (market place) and is a nice addition to any picture.

For more info on Herrenberg: copy and paste to google chrome for translation: https://herrenberg.de/gaeste-tourismus/sehenswuerdigkeiten.html

Helpful info:

  • A half-day trip to Herrenberg should be sufficient.
  • There’s a ropes course within walking distance from the Stiftskirche.
  • You can stroll, hike or bike through the Schönbuch forest during your visit. There are several biking and hiking paths in the area.
  • The Schlosskeller or castle cellar (a restaurant overlooking the town) and Castle ruins (great view from the tower) are less than a ten minute walk from the Stiftskirche.

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Have a great day!

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