(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #82: Our First Renaissance Faire

Have you ever been to a Renaissance Faire? Where was it and did you have fun? Did you dress up in costume? Care to share?

Today my family and I attended our first Renaissance Faire. I didn’t know what to expect. Our knowledge of Renaissance Faires is limited to what we’ve seen on TV shows and movies. When my husband told me there was one in Stuttgart, we hurriedly got ready to leave. Since it’s our first time, we didn’t have the proper attire for the occasion. We’ll have to observe the natives while we’re there.

We took the train from Herrenberg to Bad Cannstatt. It’s a nice sunny day to go to a fair. We walked 15 minutes from the train station to the fair grounds. The location is a little further than where they hold the yearly Stuttgart Spring Festival. We paid €20 for a family ticket. The price changes depending on the day of the visit. The price decreases as it nears the end. Since it’s a four day event (Thursday – Sunday), the most expensive days are Thursday and Friday.

Jahrhundertmarkt and Ritterturney translates to Hundred Year or Century Market and Knight Tournament. We were greeted by several white tents lined on each side of the path with men and women selling their wares.

The people who worked there were all dressed for their part and the time period. Some visitors also came in full Renaissance attire ready to mingle and enjoy the festivities. We observed that they did not leave any details out from head to toe. This kind gentleman is a fine example and he graciously posed for my picture. And yes, there’s beer in that tusk.

My daughter enjoyed learning the basic skill of axe throwing. After showing off her skill, she decided that she wanted to hold a large bird on her arm. She chose an owl instead of a falcon. She also enjoyed getting a glittered tattoo on her upper arm. I thought she was too young for Mehndi (a form of body art from India). Most people know it as Henna tattoos. She was happy until she was mistaken for a charlatan and got locked up. No worries, she served her time of one minute and was set free.

There were many tents selling Renaissance garb for both men and women. Who knew clothing from the past could be so expensive? A woman’s narrow leather corset costs almost €40 and the wide ones can cost over a hundred. I guess we’ll have to attend a few more faires without the proper attire. I’d love to go as royalty but might have to settle for a wench’s outfit.

We saw traditional craftspeople like the blacksmith and the lady who makes jewelry from the same material used in a chain mail to protect knights in battle. There were also fire performances and shows to entertain the whole family.

Our first Renaissance Faire is a success! There were many things to see. There were fortune tellers, jugglers, fire acts, jousting, and falconry. This might be the first of many more Medieval faires.

We love stepping into a different world. It’s great to be able to leave the modern world for just one day and be able to step into the past where life was much simpler. I leave you with my favorite pictures of the day and a few helpful links if you want to know more about Renaissance Faires. Please share your experiences and some tips if you have any. I’d love to hear about your experience.

I found these sites informational:

Have a great day!

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