(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #81: Yay! It’s Friday! BEE Awesome!

Happy Friday! We made it through another week. I’ve been writing about my most recent travels and I’ve noticed one important constant in all of them. Mother Nature’s own little helper… the small but terrific BEE!

I’m a lifelong learner with a short attention span, I decided to purchase a simple ebook on iBooks about bees. Of course I’m going to share my source as always to give credit where credit is due.

(This bee has the cutest face! – Pic taken in Mainau, Flower island)

I’ll only write about a few facts I find most interesting so as not to spill all the info provided in the book by the author.

(Have you ever seen a bee play peek-a-boo? I love this pic! – Pic taken in Schonach)

Did you know not all bees live in colonies?

There are solitary bees that do not hang out or live with other bees. They don’t even make honey. The only time they do is when it’s time to mate. They lay one egg and move on. Sounds harsh leaving an egg unattended. No worries, they leave enough food for the larva to survive.

(This bee’s eyes creep me out but I can’t look away. Pic taken in Herrenberg)

Did you know that a queen (honey bee) must lay 1000 to 1500 eggs a day to keep the hive going?

That’s one busy queen. Who says being a queen is cake job? Since it’s her only job, she does it and she does it well. Sometimes the queen can lay up to 2000 eggs per day!

(Pic taken in Mainau)

Did you know that the queen bee hibernates while all the rest of the bees continue their jobs?

The queen bee doesn’t hibernate because she’s exhausted from laying eggs. She hibernates because she’s needed in the warmer months to restart the colony. Bees don’t do well in cold weather. Most of them die so it’s up to the queen to re-populate the hive. The queen is the only one allowed to hibernate.

(Pic taken in Flower Island Of Mainau)

Did you know that there is a bee called a “vulture bee?”

As the name implies, this kind of bee feeds on dead animals. They don’t like the nectar from flowers. They also don’t make honey (that’s a good thing for us honey lovers).

I’ll leave all the other interesting facts for you to find out if you’re so inclined to read more. This 15 minute ebook only cost me ¢99. I love books that are short and to-the-point!

The author, Caitlind Alexander has written over 60 books for children (okay, so I might have bought a kids book… hmmm explains the short attention span) and other 15 minute books such as interesting facts about Elephants, Skunks, and the Eiffel Tower which I might also check out.

I hope you have a great weekend! 🐝

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