(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #76: Imperia

Imperia, the famous town landmark of Konstanz (Constance), Germany. She towers at 9 meters high on the edge of a pier watching boats enter and exit the harbor.

This statue by Peter Lenk caused a big commotion back when it was erected in 1993. The reason is because it’s a statue is based on a prostitute. It’s a satirical representation of the times back in 1414 during the Council of Constance.

The following information is from http://konstanz.de/en/01800/index.html:

“At the entrance of the harbour, Imperia, a nine-meter high statue created in 1993 stands self-confident and openhearted. The notorious beauty made of stone was built by sculptor Peter Lenk and has become the town’s landmark. A historic character, a prostitute who was also a literary figure in Honoré de Balzac’s short stories, inspired the voluptuous figure.”

Imperia is scantily clad. The thin see-through dress she is wearing doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. She holds one man on each hand. One is an emperor and the other a pope. Both men are naked and each one sits on the palm of her hand.

The gigantic stone statue revolves on an axis. It continuously turns at a slow pace all day so visitors can view it from land or lake. It’s a beautiful statue no matter who it is or who it represents. It just goes to show, the men might have ruled back then but it’s the women who held the real power.

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