(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #74: The World’s First Largest Cuckoo Clock

The town of Schonach is located in the Central Black Forest in Germany. It’s approximately 129 km from Stuttgart or an hour and forty five minutes drive. Schonach is known for its winter sports and cuckoo clocks. The most notable cuckoo clock maker is Master Josef Dold. He built the the world’s first largest cuckoo clock. This is now the second largest since the opening of Eble Clock Park in Schonanbach which currently ranks as number one .

Master Josef Dold built the clock in 1981. The clock’s mechanism measures 1 meter deep, 3.1 meters in height and 3.6 meters in width. Just imagine a small classic Black Forest cuckoo clock and magnify it the size of a small storage hut. It’s quite impressive.

The house on the left with the cross is where The creator of the cuckoo clock lives.

Let’s go around to the parking lot to start the tour of the grounds.

The light brown wooden house is the first thing you’ll see once you reach the parking lot. Just follow the signs to the entrance.

You’ll see the clock maker’s residence to your right as you follow the signs. A large sign “Erste Weltgeösste Kuckusuhr zu besichtigen” greets you before you enter the small house. This translates to “To visit the world’s first largest cuckoo clock.” You’ll see the gigantic clock mechanism as soon as you walk in. There’s a lady that gives a few minutes of information in both English and German before you exit to view the exterior of the cuckoo clock.

Souvenirs of all kinds tempt your shopping sensibilities. Head to the door to the left of the clock mechanism (your right, if you’re facing it). It leads to the exterior or face of the cuckoo clock.

Once outside, the clock becomes the main focus of your attention with the beautiful Black Forest view behind it. There are seats for visitors to watch the cuckoo come out at the strike of every hour.

You’ll enjoy the surroundings while sitting on the bench under the awning. The top of the awning is a large version of the traditional Black Forest hat that women wear called a Bollenhut or Bollen hat. Single women wear red and married women wear black.

The cuckoo clock in Schonach may not be the largest cuckoo clock in the world now but it’s still an impressive sight. I’ve always liked the original of everything.

Have a great weekend!

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