(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #67: Rediscovering Rottenburg

Can you see the beginning of a beautiful day? The sun’s rays are peering through the early morning light. I just knew it was going to be a nice day. I kept stopping to take pictures on our way to the bus stop. I knew I was slowing down my daughter this morning. No matter, I can always drive her to school.

We made it to the bus stop and off she went. As I walked to the parking lot, the sweet smell of the white flowers growing on the trees filled the air up and down this little street. I’m walking at a fast pace to get to my car as if the sunshine would disappear. I plan on going to Horb am Neckar.

I was five minutes on the autobahn when the sky turned gray. Okay, minor setback. For some reason, I decided to move towards the Rottenburg exit. I believe that things happen for a reason so I just went with it and changed my GPS settings for Rottenburg.

As I got closer to the town of Rottenburg, the fog got thicker. This wasn’t enough to dampen my spirit. I continued on and found a public parking garage right off the main roundabout. I took the staircase down to the street and found a sign for a museum and some Roman ruins. Cool!

I didn’t find any museum and figured it’s in the main square. I asked a lady for directions and she was nice enough to walk with me towards the street that will take me to the center of town. She works for the bishop of the town. They organized projects for all the churches in the area. She works at this building. I thought it was a museum or a church but it’s neither. It’s basically a workplace for all 30 staff members that worked for the bishop.

She recommended the restaurant across the street for lunch. She said it gets packed because the food is good and affordable. I thanked her for the info and went on my way.

It’s still foggy but I thought I’d try to get some pictures. It didn’t turn out as clear as I wanted.

I walked back and decided to grab some breakfast. I hoped the sky would clear up while I enjoyed some grub. I saw a bakery that looked interesting. It had American license plates hanging on the wall.

I ordered a cappuccino and a pretzel bread with cheese and sausage. Who doesn’t like sausage at 8 in the morning? After eating, I asked the guy behind the counter if the owner traveled to all the places named on the license plates. He said No, and that he was the owner. He said he collects them and some were given by customers and friends. While I bothered the man for info, the sky cleared up a bit and the day just got brighter. I decided to go back to the main square and re-take some photos.

The Marktbrunnen or Market Fountain is said to be the most beautiful gothic fountain column in Southwest Germany. As I passed the small farmer’s market, I heard a familiar sound so I followed it. I was surprised to find some familiar faces. It’s the musicians I took a picture of last month in Herrenberg. I sat with them for a few minutes and showed them their picture.

I kept walking down the street with no clue to where I was heading. I saw a tower sticking out on the street to my right so I decided to head towards it. I loved what I saw when I reached the tower. The view going back through it was even better.

I went back down the street and saw a bridge across a small roundabout. This peaked my interest so I decided to find out what was on the other side.

I followed the path alongside the river. I loved seeing the reflection of the buildings on the water to my left and the churches that sat side by side each other to my right.

I took my time walking to the other bridge that led back to the main square. The air is warming up, the sun is shining bright and the sights around me are wonderful. I’m savoring everything just like a delicious dish I never want to finish eating.

I’m almost done with my tour of the town. Or so I thought.

I’ve always liked the walk going back. Even the pictures turn our better. Catching the same image from a different perspective makes me feel like I didn’t miss anything. I couldn’t help checking out the library.

I was drawn this place. I loved the quietness and the feeling of being surrounded by books. So much knowledge just an arm’s reach away. I also liked that this library had a cafe. This is the second library I’ve been to with a cafe. I have to check out other town’s libraries to see if this is a common feature here in Germany.

Each floor had a nice seating area and there were oversized windows that showcased the view of the town outside. I started with the 4th floor and worked my way down. I sat at one of the comfy chairs on each floor and enjoyed the image on the windows. I could’ve sat here all day.

I had been sightseeing for over three hours. Time went by too fast. I had to head back soon to pick up my daughter. As I walked back to the parking lot, I noticed an open door below the deck I parked at. I found the museum. I parked right above it! I guess I didn’t notice it this morning because I was too focused on the ruins on the other side. Icing on the cake. I went in to scope it out.

The Sumolocenna Museum presented the city’s Roman past. It included a collection of Roman sculpture and monuments. The place wasn’t very big, but it had a lot of interesting artifacts. The atmosphere was peaceful. There were reconstructed objects, pictures, models, and diagrams.

After signing the guest book I walked out feeling good. For under €16 (€5.80 for breakfast, €2.50 for museum visit, €5 for parking, and €2 for the musicians) I feel like I just accomplished something worthwhile. I walked for over 3 hours, ate some good food, and got some fab pics. Who says you have to pay a lot to have fun?

I just rediscovered a town I didn’t like the first time I visited. My family and I just drove through the town the first time and we didn’t see half of the places I saw today. I’m glad I came back. This visit left me with different images and a more pleasurable experience. I guess places deserve second chances just like people. I would’ve missed out on something special had I denied this place a second try.

I hope you have a great weekend!

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