(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #66: Finding Beauty On A Cloudy Day

It’s going to be cloudy all week. Finding inspiration might be a little bit harder. The weather is gloomy, the air is chilly. On days like this, most of us just want to curl up on the couch and read a good book or stay in bed a little longer. At least this is what I wanted to do. I’m glad I made plans to meet my friend for breakfast. This will get me out of the house after dropping off my daughter at the bus stop.

I drove to my friend’s house and joined her in the kitchen. She had fruits, croissants, and Müesli (it’s a mixture of cereal/granola, fruits, nuts, and yogurt eaten for breakfast). She made us latte macchiatos and baked some pastry with cream, basil, and tomato. We caught up on life events while waiting for the pastry to bake.

My friend Diana is also my landlord. We met when my family looked at the house she and her husband were renting. We immediately clicked and we’ve been friends for a couple of years now. I call her my first German friend. She knows some English and I know some Deutsch. Together, we learn from each other (with the help of google translate and hand gestures). I type the words I learn on my phone and she writes the words she learns in her little notebook.

I like visiting her. She teaches me about products I have no clue about when I go to the grocery stores. We continued our conversation during breakfast and agreed that our meeting was a much needed girl time. After breakfast, we looked at her travel albums and she told me some of the history of places she’s visited. She gave me ideas on where I want to travel next. Thanks Diana!

She taught me how to make a picture book and order it from one of the local stores near our town. This is perfect so I can look at our family’s travel pictures in a book and not have to pull it up on the computer. I guess I’m old-fashioned like that. I like the smell and feel of books. I prefer them over iPads.

I asked her to show me some of the common products she buys in the grocery store. I’m sure I’ve passed by them but didn’t know what they were. This is great! Another learning opportunity.

Schlagsahne = whipped cream

Schmand = sour cream

Milch Schnitte =milk cuts (not sure if this is a brand but it’s like cake with sweet cream in the middle).

I’ve been in Germany over two years and didn’t know that American brand laundry detergent are too concentrated for the small German washing machines. The only reason I found out is because the repairman came to check my washer. He said I was putting too much soap. He recommended I use the German brands for laundry detergent. Again, I asked Diana to show me what she uses so I can buy the same brands at the local grocery store.

I also asked if I can take a picture of some parts of her house. I love her ideas on making use of small spaces. I like the way she used old wine crates for storage and display. The white wooden picture frame on the top right were the old windows from the house we’re renting now which was built in the 1700’s.

After we said goodbye. I drove to the town of Kayh, about 10 minutes from our town. I stopped to take a picture of a church that stood out as I was passing the small street going back to Herrenberg.

After picking up my daughter from the bus stop, we stopped at the bakery near our house to enjoy some mother-daughter time. We stuffed ourselves with Schoko croissants while she told me about her day. After we left, we decided to walk around to see if we could find beautiful things on a cloudy day like today. We walked into a clothing store that she liked and found this.

“La vie est belle” translates to “Life is beautiful.” The perfect start for the hunt for positive and beautiful things. After walking three blocks, we found a sign outside a restaurant a few blocks from our house.

“Gesundheit isn’t nicht alles aber ohne Gesundheit ist alles nichts!!” This translates to “Health is not everything but without health, everything is nothing.” That makes sense. It’s a sign for me to eat healthy. I also love the wine rack and the different colored bottles on the top row. Next, we walked to a store I often visit.

A Smile is the most important accessory to any outfit. It compliments everything. I like that the store posted this on the wall across the dressing rooms. It’s the little encouragement customers need especially after trying clothes that don’t flatter or fit. After buying a sweater I’ve been waiting to go on sale (70% off Yaaaas!), we headed home. I noticed some beautiful purple flowers in front of my neighbor’s house. My daughter spotted a bee on one of the flowers and pointed it out to me. Perfect! This is exactly what we needed to end the day.

Finding beauty on a cloudy day is not that hard if we look a little harder. I hope your day is much brighter than ours and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

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