(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #62: Mother’s Day

Life, Love,Mother

Words that go together

An everlasting love

Enduring, endearing

Selfless and true

Tough love and devotion

she’ll do her best

To be there for you

Protective and fierce

Unnerving, unblaming

Guiding, providing

Relentless, unceasing

Caring and nurturing

The words just go on…

She is so many things

A word or sentence will not suffice

How can I easily describe

her love, her sacrifice

There’s no one like her

No one can compare

Her comfort and warmth

On days when I’m weak

The gentle touch of her hand on my cheek

Friends and partners

Come and go

But there is only one of her

No one can compare

No one can replace

her smile, her love

… My Mother

Happy Mother’s Day to all the selfless and dedicated Mothers in the world who would do anything for their children.

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