(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #61: Castle and Caves

Since tomorrow is Mother’s Day, my husband and I decided to make today, our daughter’s day! First we had croissants and sweet baked bread from our favorite bakery. Then we headed to Lichstenstein Castle. It’s a short 22 minute drive from Herrenberg.

Lichtenstein Castle has been called the “fairy tale castle of Baden Württemberg.” There are scheduled group tours available for visitors. It took us a few hours to walk the grounds and take pictures. Since it’s still early in the afternoon, we decided to see a few caves nearby. The first cave we went to is called Nebelhöhle which translates to fog cave or mist cave.

We entered through a large doorway and descended 25 meters below the surface. It took more than 140 steps to get here.

It’s about 10 degrees Celsius. Too bad we left our sweaters in the car. We moved through the different chambers quickly and was back to the surface within an hour. We watched people ascend from the doorway out of breath and some were panting. Yes, it’s a workout down there! My daughter spent a few minutes at the playground near the parking lot and then we headed to the next cave.

Bärenhöhle or Bear Cave is only a ten minute drive from Nebelhöhle. We waited for other visitors to come before the tour guide opened the gates. The tour was in Deutsch so we were allowed to move ahead of the group. This cave was much brighter than the last one. It also has more colorful lights. Human and animal bones, as well as jewelry and flint tools thousands of years old were discovered in this cave. Stalagmites and stalactites covered the halls and the floors were wet and slippery.

We spent a little less than an hour inside the cave. Our daughter wanted to spend more time outside than underground. She was excited about the last place on our list for the day.

The small theme park was conveniently located next to the exit of the cave. Traumland translates to Dream Land. It’s a family oriented park with rides designed for small children. There seemed to be a Grimm fairytale theme as we first walked in. There were rides, slides, and snack bars throughout the place.

Over 10,000 steps later, we decided to end the day with her choice of place to eat dinner. What did she want? McDonalds! Well, it’s her day after all. So off we went for burger and fries. After dinner, we parked the car and walked across the street. Dessert consisted of two scoops of gelato. What a great way to end the day.

We celebrate all kinds of holidays (national and religious) and special days (Valentines, Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day). There is no specific day for our children. My daughter said my husband and I get to celebrate our day twice a year (birthday and mother/father’s day) but she only has one day. To make it easy for us to remember it next year, we decided May 12 will officially be her day. Every member of the family is equally important. It’s only fitting that she also gets to be appreciated on her special day.

To our daughter, enjoy the few hours left of your special day. Remember that you are important, loved and appreciated.

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