(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #60: Adventure in Calw

Once upon a time, there was a blogger who came to a fairytale-like town called Calw. This is where her adventure began…

Today’s PPOD is perfect for describing the day. It was a random meeting of three different people from three different places. What was the story? And did it end well for all the characters? Where is this magical place? The picture above was taken in Calw. Calw is part of Baden Württemberg in Germany. It’s a gorgeous town with a lot to offer.

Since it’s Friday and I just dropped off my daughter at the bus stop, I had all morning to wander around. I wanted to finish taking all the pictures for my next travel blog entry. I decided to head to Calw. It’s about a 25 minute drive from Herrenberg. The sun is shining and I’m ready for an adventure.

I got in my car and started driving. “Despacito” was playing loudly inside the car and I was dancing to the beat as I drove. I was feeling the sunshine, the music, and the gorgeous view of the countryside. When I reached the town before Calw, the sun disappeared and was replaced by fog. I told myself “Nothing’s gonna get me down. I WILL enjoy today!”

When I reached Calw, I parked at the first parking lot I saw. I got out of the car, umbrella at the ready, and I started to walk. I walked about half a block before I saw that there was nothing there except houses. So I drove a few more blocks and parked at the next parking structure. Yaaaas! Jackpot! I found the old town. The sun was peeking in and out. Again, I picked up my umbrella (just in case) and prepared myself for a wonderful day.

I started taking pictures as soon as I walked out of the parking structure. I took a left turn and took pictures of fountains snd houses. I particularly liked the church. I walked further up the hill and had to turn back a little because it didn’t seem like there was anything else ahead. Anyway, I can always go back and check it out if I find something worth returning to. I took the first staircase heading down to the huge parking lot of a well known grocery store called Kaufland. It also led to a large road.

I wasn’t sure where I was going. I just felt like I needed to go down this staircase which led to the road below. When I reached the bottom, I found a huge wooden door with a sign Giuseppe’s Feinkost Lädle (Giuseppe’s Delicatessen). A man of average height came out. He had a shaved head, beard, and dark jacket.

I asked if he owned the place and he said yes. I asked if I could take pictures for my blog and again he said yes. He invited me to take pictures inside. The interior was so different from the exterior of the store. It was better than I expected. We exchanged introductions and I started clicking away.

After a few minutes, a customer came in, right as I was taking my shot. He striked a pose and I took the picture. What a great way to break the ice. He came over to where we were, ordered prosciutto to go and then we started to chat.

Giuseppe opened his business in October of 2016. He sells goods from Italy such as prosciutto, wine, cheese, bread, and olive oil. All fruits and vegetables in his store come from the Stuttgart region. I like the vibe in this store. It feels like a cellar although it’s on the main floor of a house.

The customer’s name is Didier. He’s French. Just imagine a charming Italian store owner, a tall well-dressed French man, and a petite forty something Asian-American woman. All having a good time talking in this amazing store. I only know basic Deutsch, Didier can speak English. and Giuseppe speaks some English. We all understood each other with no difficulty. The atmosphere was light. I loved the white textured walls and ceilings. There was a tinge of bluish light emanating from the ceiling. My eyes were overwhelmed by the array of vibrant colors from the fruits, vegetables, and delicatessen surrounding me.

Giuseppe offered me an espresso and we continued to talk. A woman came in and said hello. Didier jokingly said that all the women in town love Giuseppe. Giuseppe quickly nodded and laughed as he chimed in and supported what Didier just said.

After a few more minutes of getting to know each other, we said our goodbyes. I promised to return with my family and try some wine and cheese. Didier mentioned that he stops by the store about 4 times a week to buy goods. Maybe we’ll see each other again too. Giuseppe gave me a honeydew as a parting gift. Dankeschön Giuseppe! (Thank you).

All I expected today was to take pictures of a town. The sun come out for a few hours just enough for me to accomplish my task. I didn’t expect to make new acquaintances. Hopefully, this leads to good friendships in the future. What’s happening? Who am I becoming?

The old me would have kept on walking past this place. The PPOD is slowly changing me. It’s turning me into a more positive person. Thus, allowing more positive things to happen in my life.

My parents taught me to be nice as a child. It’s a life choice. I wish I had chosen to be nice many years ago. Events in my life made me distrust people. I became jaded and guarded so I closed myself off from everyone. I had a wall around me that only allowed certain people in. I’m ashamed to say that there were many times I could’ve been nicer in the past but chose not to be. The past is done and regret is moot.

All I can do now is to continue to change for the better. Being nice is easier than being the “B” word. It takes less energy and it doesn’t cost a thing. It does more good than harm. I know I can’t trust everybody I meet. I also know I have to, at the least, give them a chance. If I could do it all over again, I would definitely choose to nicer and kinder.

A planned adventure in an unknown town came with unexpected results. I’m glad I got off my old grey couch, and started this blog. Another life lesson re-learned today. Although we can’t be naive and trust everyone we meet, we have to be willing to meet people halfway. We have to remain open to new experiences and new people in order to create a richer, fuller, happier life.

Back to our story… and so the Italian, the French, and the Asian-American all went their separate ways. A valuable lesson was learned and new friendships were forged.

The End.

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