(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #57: Lost & Found

Many of us have lost our way trying to get to a destination. Have you found yourself being thankful for getting lost? If you’re like me and tend to forget directions and get lost a lot, you have a better chance of accidentally finding beautiful hidden places. I consider this a positive aspect of my forgetfulness and bad sense of direction.

This picture was taken in Iseltwald, Switzerland. Iseltwald is a village on the southern end of Lake Brienz. It falls under the district of Interlaken-Oberhasli. Iseltwald is included in the list of Switzerland’s sites of national importance.

My family and I were heading to the town of Interlaken when we got lost and ended up on this road. I hastily stopped and took a picture. It reminds me of an image on the cover of a chocolate bar.

The picture above was taken in a small town called Glatt. We were driving home one day when we decided to take the mountain roads and ended up here. Glatt has a small water castle (castle with a moat around it). The castle has a small museum inside. There is also a small farmers museum and cafe outside. We liked this place even if it’s a very small town. It didn’t have the biggest or fanciest castle. It only takes 30 minutes max to walk around the town. We like it so much we’ve visited a few more times since then.

Hidden gems are rare and hard to find. Some beautiful, out-of-the-way places are similar to these hidden gems. We usually appreciate places like these because it feels like we’ve discovered uncharted territory. It feels like we’ve uncovered a precious gem. If finding charming places like these are the prizes I get for my horrible sense of direction, then I don’t mind getting lost at all.

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