Athens, Greece

Athens, the capital of Greece. The birthplace of civilization and democracy.

For more info:

GREECE One of the world’s top tourist destinations rich in history and culture.

First view of Athens as the plane descended.

Where we stayed:

Hotel Intercontinental Athenaeum

A nice place to stay. Service is great from the moment we stepped out of the cab. Rooms and bathrooms are clean. There are rooms available with a view of Acropolis for a higher rate. There’s also a shuttle that leaves every 30 minutes to take guests to and from the Parliament building and Plaka area. See the concierge if you want to take day tours of places around the area or other islands.


Derived from the Greek word ‘Akro’ meaning high, extreme, or edge and ‘Polis’ meaning city. The city on high hill.

The Parthenon, the focus of the Acropolis complex built between 447-432 BCE.

The Coastline

Take the Hop-On/Hop-Off tour along the coastline. It costs 29 euros per person but it’s good for two days around the city including the beach route. Take the beach tour to the end of the line then stop at B7 (stops are numbered on a map) on the way back. Walk along the coastline for breath taking panoramic views. You can also get drinks or eat fresh seafood from one of the many restaurants. Get back on the bus when you get close to B11 or B12.

This is what you can expect to see:

The Greek Parliament House

The Plaka (stores, restaurants, souvenirs and more). The most beautiful place of Athens under the Acropolis.

For more info:

Places to eat:

Makriyanni 3, a cafe right outside the exit of Acropolis. Good place to have breakfast or brunch. Don’t forget to try the Greek coffee.

Ciao, an Italian restaurant walking distance from the Hotel Intercontinental. Delicious food and great coffee. Try the espresso Freddo.

A few helpful information for your visit:

  • 2-3 days is a good amount of time to spend in Athens. The Acropolis and Plaka can be seen in one day. Book some day tours (Delphi and Hydra are excellent places to visit).
  • Save the other days of your visit for places like Santorini or Crete which will require more days than Athens.
  • Get to Acropolis early if you want to get good pictures without the crowd. It opens at 0800 (summer) and 0830 (winter). More info:
  • Eat breakfast before going to Acropolis early. The store near the entrance to Acropolis sells food and drinks but it’s a bit expensive. An alternative would be to eat brunch at one of the cafes after exiting Acropolis.

  • You cannot bring food and drinks (except) water inside the Acropolis.
  • The Hop-on/Hop-off bus tour is an excellent way to see the city. Take the whole tour and then go back to the places you want to spend more time in. It also saves you from spending money on costly cab fares. For more info:

  • For less expensive plane fares and hotel accommodations try to visit before May and the summer months.

  • A flat rate of 38 euros will get you from the airport to your hotel.

  • Things you’ll need for your stay: light jacket, hat, backpack (for souvenirs and your things), portable phone charger, sunscreen.
  • Buy bottled water and snacks for your hotel room so you don’t have to order room service.
  • Compare prices at the Plaka stores. Some have cheaper prices than others. You can even barter in some places if you pay cash.

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