(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #56: Self-Confidence

Do you think you’re a confident person? Do you have the belief in yourself to accomplish your goals? What made you confident? Self-confidence is not innate. We develop it as we get older. We enhance it through our connections with family and friends, time and experience.

I was at a birthday party today. It was for my friend’s 4 year old son. They are Italians living and working in Germany. The guests all live in Baden-Württemberg. The guests comprised of Italians, Germans, Russians, and Asian. They all spoke Deutsch. I was a little hesitant to go because I haven’t attended a party in town where there are no other Americans. I was the only Filipino-American guest. I speak, write, and understand a little Deutsch so I hope this would cut it. But what the heck right? A new experience and a chance to make new friends.

As it turned out, I didn’t have anything to worry about. Between all the guests speaking 3 languages (Italian, Deutsch, and English) we all got along and understood each other. After the kids played and everyone had eaten, we all went to the terrace to enjoy some drinks and a dose of sunshine. Music started playing and the adults and children started dancing. I sat back and observed for the first half hour.

As I leaned back on my chair and enjoyed a sip of wine, I noticed one of the moms dancing. It was easy to spot her. She stood out from the crowd. She was in her mid-forties, had dark brown hair that extended to her shoulder blades. She had a medium build, fair skin, and stood about 5 feet 6 inches. I noticed her because she had spunk. She had energy for days and she didn’t hold back on having fun. I haven’t met anyone like her in a while. This is a person I would like to hang out with. She’s positive, friendly, and wasn’t afraid to do her thing.

After joining in the fun, we (the woman and I) had a chance to talk a little. I asked if she were a professional dancer and she said no. She used to go to clubs during her younger years and danced with Latin men. I could picture that. Her confidence was attractive. What made her this way? How do people become confident if they are not born with it?

Here’s what helps us become confident:

  • Having supportive people around us
  • Having a good role model who is positive and confident.
  • Not being afraid to make mistakes.
  • Not worrying about what people would say or think.
  • Trying new things and new experiences (They make for great stories and memories).
  • Not quitting after a few tries.
  • Confidence comes with practice.
  • “Fake it ’til you make it” (This is what I used to tell my students during practical exams. No one will believe you if you don’t believe it yourself. Think it and eventually you’ll believe it)

I took this picture in Würzburg. I chose to feature it for today’s PPOD because she reminds me of a confident woman. Her head is held high and her chest lifted and open. One arm is stretched out and the palm is up. The other hand is on her heart which denotes passion. Her eyes are closed as if she were recalling a memory or enjoying the warm rays of the sun on her face.

Today, I was reminded of the importance of believing in oneself. Believing that we can achieve something and be somebody is the first step and the rest will follow. Although I was hesitant to go this party, I’m glad I didn’t chicken out. I had a great time with my daughter and we made some new friends and created new memories.

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