Positive Pic Of the Day/PPOD #55: (Husband Appreciation Day) H.A.D. Fun at the Porsche Museum

Today I celebrate Husband Appreciation Day (HAD). A good man is hard to find so a little appreciation goes a long way. My husband has supported me through all my career choices and life decisions. No matter how crazy it seems, he trusts me enough to know it will work out. My daughter and I agreed we’ll let him choose the place for family day. In fact, it won’t be family day but it’ll be HIS day. Today is all about him.

We were “wowed” as soon as we approached the street that led to the Porsche museum. I’m not a car enthusiast but I can appreciate a thing of beauty when I see it. There were a few cars displayed outside the entrance. Three white cars were proudly displayed at the center of the roundabout. A shiny glass ceiling above the covering outside reflected all the goings-on below.

There is an information booth and a row of ticket counters as soon as we walked in. On the ground floor (considered the first floor in the US) we found a workshop, a snack bar, and a gift shop. An escalator led up to the main floor.

We walked around looking at the different Porsche models from 1898 to the present date. My husband seemed happy with his decision to come here.

My husband was particularly impressed by the white car above. He said it had a 16 cylinder engine. He explained it plainly so I could understand. This car is three times faster than his car. I don’t know much about engines but that’s a big difference. Okay, so it goes really fast. He got my attention with this little fact. What mattered more to me was the way he was excited about it.

My daughter loved the racing cars. I think it’s because of the cool shapes and colors. Even I couldn’t help but admire them. It must be surreal to get behind the wheel of one of these cars and drive it at top speed!

My daughter and I enjoyed the museum as much as my husband did. He moved around the place like a kid in a candy store. He deserves more days like this. He has always put our needs before his.

Part of being in a relationship is being able to give as well as receive. Today is about giving a little appreciation to someone who has given so much to our family. Happy Husband Appreciation Day!😘

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