(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #54: A Day at the Castle Ruins

It’s a beautiful day in Herrenberg! A perfect day to have fun at the Burgruine (Castle Ruins). We started with a climb at the end of town closest to the main road. It’s almost 500 steps to the top from here. We stopped for a quick break at the Schlosskeller or Castle cellar. I had a drink called Hugo (it tastes like a mild mojito) and my husband had wine. The house wine was light and a little sweet, catering to the warmer weather. After the refreshing drinks, we headed towards the tower which has a 180 degree view of the town.

My daughter was enamored by the hundreds of dandelions around us. She kept gathering handfuls of them. She started running around the castle grounds and giggled as she watched the dandelions scatter in the wind. She also held it in front of her and blew, and blew, and blew. I thought she was going to pass out after a while of doing this. My husband and I climbed up the tower and watched her play on the green grass and around the trees. I had to take pictures because I know she is growing up so fast that I might never capture a moment like this again.

The view from here is stunning. I will miss this place when it’s time for us to leave Herrenberg. The image of the bell tower, the roof of the Stiftskirche, parts of the old castle wall, and the trees and houses around it seems forever ingrained in my mind. In the meantime, I will enjoy what this town has to offer as much as I can.

Going back home, I love seeing the wild flowers growing through the thick bushes of wild berries that cover parts of the mountainside. I’ve seen people come up here with baskets to pick the berries after they ripen. No matter how many times we’ve been up here, the scenery changes yet it’s never the same. We’ve passed by this same wooden artwork of a male and female multiple times. But they appear a little different every time we see them.

Today was a great day to explore and have fun around the ruins. We had all that we needed on our adventure… our family. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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