(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #53: Window Treats

We are normally drawn to open windows. It’s like moths to a flame.

Have you noticed yourself trying to sneak a peek at whatever’s on the other side of an open window? You know it’s wrong and you try not to do it, but your head automatically turns towards that direction. Your neck start to stretch and your eyes divert towards the window. Once you catch a glimpse of what’s inside (even if it’s just for a second or you only see an outline of something) you feel some sort of satisfaction. It’s like getting away with something.

I know I’m guilty of doing this but so are the people that pass by my house when I’m cooking. It’s something I had to get used to. I hardly gave windows a second thought before moving to Germany. Since our house is located in the old town, we get a lot of foot traffic from tourists. Some passers-by and neighbors actually try to peer inside my kitchen. Over time, I’ve gotten so used to it that I’ve even asked some of them if they would like to come in and taste what I’m cooking. What I used to find weird is now amusing. It’s just human nature to be curious.

Windows are passages that allow something to come in or go out. They frame the figures behind them and reflect images in front of them. It allows sunlight to come and offer an invitation to insects that are looking for shelter or food. It also allows things to go out. Like the sweet scent of treats we bake or the greasy smell of bacon and eggs we fry in the morning. I like windows that allow a clear view of the outside. I also like windows that look into other windows. It shows different depths and perspectives depending on where you’re standing.

Today, I admire the windows that left me with beautiful pictures and memories. They connect the inside and the outside. They form a link between the past and the present. I will always love seeing the treats beyond the windows and the different images they frame.

Have a great weekend!

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