(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #52: Simple Pleasures

Have you noticed that we become harder to please as we get older and acquire more money? We forget about the simple things that used to make us happy. Life used to be so uncomplicated.

Watch a child play and you’ll be reminded of how simple life was when you were younger. Give a toddler a shoebox or a laundry basket and it will give that child hours of fun. I promise my daughter a scoop of gelato on Fridays and it gives her something to look forward to all week. Think about what makes you happy now. Has your life and your needs become more complicated?

I saw this image on a cafe wall and immediately thought about the first cup of coffee I have each day. The intoxicating smell of fresh ground coffee as I lift the cup to my lips. My brain and my taste buds quickly look forward to the mixture of bold and bitter before the coffee touches the tip of my tongue. This is my simple pleasure. As I took this picture, I’m reminded of my choices. It’s up to me to find happiness in small things. It’s not always about the money. It can’t buy happiness. The less I want, the less I need. The less I need, the easier it is to be satisfied. And when it’s easy to be satisfied, it’s easier to be happy.

Do we really need to make more than what makes our life comfortable? Is an extra car, extra house or more money and jewelry worth the hours we spend away from our families? It’s our choice whether we decide to continue living complicated lives or enjoy a simple existence.

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