(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #50: Patches Of Yellow

The countryside of Baden-Württemberg is filled with patches of bright yellow color. The flowers of the rapeseed fields are maturing and making their presence known. I love driving through the different towns and seeing the flowers cover sections of the fields on both sides of the road.

The wind scatters the pollen everywhere. It’s evident all over our town. The benches are coated in a light yellow-mustard color and corners of the cobblestoned streets are outlined by a more vibrant yellow. Even the cars and buses in the parking lots have a light dusting of it on top.

The pollen has even invaded some of the rooms in our house. The weather has been warmer so the windows have been opened for a few weeks. I’ve been removing traces of it everyday. Surprisingly, it doesn’t bother me or anyone else. In the warmer months to come, the pollen will be replaced by bees in our houses.

Today is about not sweating the small stuff. Instead, we are appreciating the beauty these patches of yellow color bring to our lives and our little town.

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