Glockenmuseum Stiftskirche

The Glockenmuseum Stiftskirche Herrenberg is a must see (and hear) if you’re around the Stuttgart area in Germany. Translated in English, it means The Bell Museum in the Collegiate Church of Herrenberg. A collection of over 30 bells spanning over 12 centuries. They are located in the bell tower inside the main church of the old town. You will also find a few gigantic bells outside the church.

For more info: (copy and paste to google chrome for translation)
(A view of the bell tower of the Stiftskirche from the Marktplatz.)

It’s only a few steps and a short climb away from the Marktplatz or market place. Head towards the steps where the flags are located.

Enter the church and climb up the stairs. Once you get to the second floor, there’s a narrow door to the side that will lead you to a concrete spiral staircase, then a wooden staircase before you get to the top.

Some of the bells are over a thousand years old and are still in use today.

If you happen to be at the bell tower at noon in the summer months, get ready for a very loud show. The bells can be heard through the old town.

Exit the door that leads to the outside of the bell tower. It has a 360 degree view of the town.

(The view of the Marktplatz and Rathaus (City Hall) from the bell tower.)
(A view of the top of the castle ruins and parts of the old wall that used to surround the town.)

A few useful info:

  • Opening hours: April to October (Wednesday 1430-1700, Saturday 1430-1830, Sunday and Public Holidays 1130-1700)

  • Opening hours: November to March (Wednesday 1430-1600, Saturday 1700-1830. Sunday and Public Holidays 1430-1600)

  • Admission fee (Adults: €3, Discounted rate for groups and students €1.50, Children are free)

  • Take a stroll through the castle ruins and Schönbuch forest. It’s only a short walk from here.

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