(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #46: The Kissing Stones

Can you see it? These two big stones are kissing. I’ve walked past it for two years and even sat in front of it multiple times with gelato in hand but never noticed it until today.

I pointed this out to my daughter as we sat on the wood-covered concrete planter across it. I told her it looked weird and wondered out loud why someone would create this artwork made of stone. I asked my daughter if she knew what this was supposed to be and what it looked like to her. She said “Yes, they are kissing.” I looked closer and realized she was right. She even said “see that’s a boy and that’s a girl. She has the long hair.”

How can kids see this while adults miss it? Is it because we only pay attention to things that interest us? Is it because we are too busy to pay closer attention to things? Maybe it’s because we tend to overcomplicate things as we get older. Is it because things look different up close and we have to take a step back to see it more clearly?

Kids probably see it because they are honest and don’t have any pretensions. They see things for what they are and people for who they are. They have not learned deceit or treachery.

Today, I saw something through a child’s eyes. It reminds me to look at things more simply. To be mindful and look without malice or judgement.

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