(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #43: A View from Afar

The Stiftskirche, the historic church of Herrenberg built in 1276 has a recognizable silhouette. The top of its dome can be seen even before you enter the town.

It’s not majestic or grand but it has a quiet, calming presence about it. I never get tired of gazing at it no matter how long I’ve lived here. I guess you can say I have a fondness for this church and this town.

It’s like admiring a man or woman you like from afar. You sneak a peek from wherever you can, whenever you can. You relish and appreciate their unmistakable features from a distance. You recognize their silhouette in an instant even before they come into full view. You continue to admire even though you know the feeling can never be reciprocated.

I wish I can preserve some things forever. Like the image of this church, this town, and all the memories of people and experiences that have filled my life with joy. With age comes the inevitable time when memories will be slowly deleted from consciousness. Only the feeling that a photograph can elicit will remain. Hopefully, it reminds us of the days gone by, and the places and people we loved.

Today, I will have to be content with admiring it from a distance. Taking a picture and hope that it won’t fade from memory too soon.

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