(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #39: Eiskaffee Friday

Eiskaffee, a delicious blend of iced coffee and vanilla flavored gelato topped with Sahne (a thick cream made from milk added to fruits or pudding) and a wafer. Some would say it’s just iced coffee with ice cream and whipped cream. I beg to differ. It’s so much more.

I’ve had iced coffee in the States but this was something new and different. A mixture of my favorite after meal go-to beverage and food. Coffee and gelato together. It’s genius! I usually have coffee after a meal or a scoop of gelato. It’s always been one or the other. It’s just too much trouble to drink a hot cup of coffee then eat a cold treat or vice versa. Now I can have both at the same time. I can knock two birds with one stone. Efficiency in effect!

The Marktplatz (market place or market square) is busy with groups of people gathered under gigantic white umbrellas outside the restaurants and Eis cafes. Kids are playing kickball and toddlers are scooting along back and forth on the cobbled steps. There are teens sitting on the Rathaus (city hall) steps talking and giggling. Several bikers stopped near the fountain to enjoy some gelato and get a break from the heat. All the energy and life combined in this little platz is exhilarating. I wish everyday was Friday.

The weather has been nice all week. The days are getting longer and the weather has been warmer. It’s perfect for enjoying a nice tall glass of this delectable drink.

Although having this drink is heavenly, having great friends are even better. I’m blessed to have both today. Today, I appreciate the good friends that surround me under this big white umbrella while I enjoy this cold, gratifying and delicious ice cold drink. Cheers! To good friends and good drinks! Have a great weekend!