(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #38: Words of encouragement in a place of discouragement

Have you ever been disappointed when clothes didn’t fit you right or didn’t look good on you when you tried them on?

Today was one of those times. None of the pants I tried fit or they didn’t look good on me. I was feeling a little frustrated after trying 8 pairs. I finally gave up and started to walk away when I noticed the writing on the walls. I’ve been in these dressing rooms a handful of times and never noticed them until now.

Don’t forget to be awesome!” was written on the wall in the dressing room and “You are beautiful” was written on the wall as you walk out the hallway. That was thoughtful of the person who designed the store. Words of encouragement in a place where people become discouraged or disappointed half of the time. Well done my favorite store! Well done!

Sometimes, we just need a few words of inspiration to get us back on track.