Kinderzeche in Dinkelsbühl, Germany

Dinkelsbühl is one of Germany’s best preserved historical towns.

It’s a charming town in the state of Bavaria, in southern Germany. It’s also one of the many towns on the Romantische Straße or Romantic Road.

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Dinkelsbühl holds a yearly event in July. It usually lasts a week and a half and involves many of its residents. This event is a celebration called “Kinderzeche.”

Kinderzeche is a re-enactment of how the children softened the hearts of the Swedish leaders which spared the city from destruction during the Thirty Years War (1618-1648). This event has been celebrated for over a hundred years.

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It seems like the whole town gets into character. You’ll see families dressed in historical garb.

There’s a camp built right outside the walls of the town. Men, women, and children are all dressed in medieval costumes. You can see the young men and women dancing, men gathering, and some roasting meat on an open flame. It’s like stepping back in time!


  • Dinkelsbühl is only a 35 minute drive from the famous town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber.
  • Book your hotel rooms early (beginning of the year to a few months before it starts).
  • The best view is from the upper rooms of hotels across or near this mustard colored building (pic below). You can view the events from the comfort of your room if the window faces the main street.

  • If you have more than one luggage and are staying at one of the hotels within the walls, drive your car to the hotel and drop off your luggage before parking. Parking areas are usually outside of the walls and some can be pretty far.
  • There’s a fee to enter the town. This is a common practice during town festivals (usually €5). You’ll get a pin or a trinket that you can display on your hat, clothing, or bag to prove that you’re allowed to be there.

  • If you’re staying in one of the hotels within the walls of the town, your fee may be waved. Inquire at the hotel of your choice.
  • You can sit on the bleachers until it’s time for the scheduled events to take place. Someone who’ve purchased a ticket won’t hesitate to tell you when you’ve taken their seat.

  • Purchase tickets for the events ahead of time (they have programs and a schedule).
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  • The locals are friendly and they won’t mind taking a picture with you. Just ask!

  • A few things to bring: water bottle, sunscreen, camera, and a wide brimmed hat (bleachers are not in a covered area).
  • Enjoy the good food sold at the little stands (Bratwurst and Pommes Frites).