(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #35: The Front and Back of it

It just goes to show that what people let you see up front is not always the case. These statues are an accurate representation of us.

I’ve driven on the main road at least twice a week for the past two years and have never really noticed these statues on the side of the road. The only reason I paid closer attention is because my daughter and I decided to walk home today. We took a different route. I saw a small street that opened up to the main road. The first glimpse I saw were the statues’ back side. Of course it sparked my interest and made me take a closer look. I looked from the front and was surprised to see that the statues were clothed. I smiled because the first thought I had was the movie Pitch Perfect. If you’ve seen it, you probably remember when Fat Amy talked about her hair “… reserved in front but party in the back.” This part always makes me laugh.

Today, I accept the duplicity of people. I know it usually means being deceitful but most intentions start out good. We all have that side that we don’t want people to see. It’s not necessarily bad. The side of us that’s vulnerable, that we’re ashamed of or the side that’s a little dark. We’re not perfect and it’s perfectly okay.

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