(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #34: Family Day Sunday

What if you were given a choice between money or family and you can only have one without the other? I’ll take family without money over money without family any day. Wealth and success means nothing without someone to share it with.

We often take our family for granted because we know that no matter what, we’ll always have someone to depend on. Someone who will always have our back.

When I was younger, the more I tried to distance myself from my family, the more I realized how much I needed them. So I’ve always taught my kids what I learned the hard way. Family comes first. Family before friends. When we get in trouble or we get sick, it’s not our friends who usually help, it’s family.

Sunday is family day and a day of rest for our family. We take a break from our individual lives to do things together. It could be as simple as a walk to the park or a trip to another town. Today, I appreciate everyone in my family near and far who’ve always been there and will always be there for me.