(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #29: I’ve found my Kim

Everyone has a Kim.

People always say that a person’s hair is their crowning glory. Do you agree? Have you ever left a salon or barbershop a little pissed off, disappointed, or even sad because they screwed up your hair?

Is it just me or do you feel the same way about having to find another great hairstylist or barber? It’s hard to find a person you trust to cut, style, color your hair and make you look better than when you first walked in the shop.

Photo of Eyüp Basaran owner of Ambers Barbershop, Marktplatz 4, 71084 Herrenberg / www. Ambers-Barber.shop

You live somewhere for a while and get into a routine. You find your favorite restaurants, your favorite shops, favorite “hair” person and maybe a “nail” person too. Then you move to a new country or city. It’s like getting divorced. Now you have to go out there and find another replacement. You have to get to know them again. It might be more a of a woman thing because we have longer and more hair (more maintenance). But I’ve known some men who’ve become attached to their barbers and barbershops.

Imagine the hours spent on that salon chair or barber’s chair making small talk or catching up on what’s new with your lives. Your favorite hairstylist or barber already knows you. They know what cut and style you like. They know what color looks good on you. They probably even know the names of everyone in your family and your life story.

Have you seen the funny movies Barbershop starring Ice Cube and Beauty Shop with Queen Latifah? It was like that in the salon I went to today. Maybe not that extreme but customers (both men and women) who’ve never met just talked to each other as if they were old friends. Side by side on the chairs talking and laughing.

(This is where I found my Kim. Stylique Salon Panzer Kaserne)

In the past two years I’ve tried 6 different hair salons near our town. I tried the cheapest to the most expensive. I figured that maybe if I paid more, I’d get a better cut and color. Nope! I was wrong. It didn’t matter. At one salon, I asked for brown-red and pointed to a color that’s more brown than red. I came out with flaming red hair! At the expensive salon, I said medium brown hair and pointed to the color on the chart. I also told the stylist how much to cut off. I ended up with short hair and the color didn’t even look like it changed! These were the times I missed my Kim.

I had a great hairstylist back home. Her name was Kim. I was a loyal customer for years (nearly 20). It was an on-again/off-again relationship since I had to move around due to my job. But I always came back to Kim. Then we moved to Germany. It took over two years but I finally found someone who gets me and my hair. This time her name is Sabrina. Today, I celebrate having found a good hairstylist. I’m happy to say I’ve found my Kim.