Santorini, Greece (Day 3 Of 3)

It’s our final day in Santorini. We took a last walk around Imerovigli where our apartment is located. Santorini is easily on our top five favorite destinations.

A few info if you’re planning a trip here:

  • Plan to stay a minimum of 3 to 4 days in Santorini.
  • It’s less expensive and less crowded if you visit before May (April is perfect). The owner of the place we stayed at recommends October and November too (but it’s colder).
  • Imerovigli is a a good place to find a hotel/apartment to stay at (short walk to Firostefani and Fira).
  • A ferry ride (like Blue Star) is an affordable way to get there from other islands. It takes a few hours longer than a high speed ferry but there is more room to roam. You can bring as many luggage as you want without the extra charge. It’s also half the price of a plane ticket without the taxi ride to the airport and the 2 hour wait prior to the flight.
  • A high speed ferry is a faster option than the big regular ferries but a little more expensive. Book it early in the summer months. There’s no smoking on this type of ferry. There is no going outside. There are assigned seats and it’s comfortable enough for the trip. There’s also a snack bar inside.
  • Buy drinks and snacks prior to the ferry rides. Eat a meal prior to boarding to avoid mediocre and expensive meals onboard.
  • Take the local bus to get to different towns if you have time to spare (it’s easy and economical).
  • Ride the cable car down to the dock in Fira.
  • Don’t miss the sunset!


Place to stay:

Langas Villas Apartments in Imerovigli

Reasons to stay here:

  • Family owned business
  • Affordable
  • Clean room and bathroom
  • Small but charming room (you can get bigger ones)
  • Nice view from the room and rooftop.
  • Great service
  • Breakfast is delivered to your room everyday
  • They provide rides to your destination for the day (for a fee)

Places to eat:

Remvi Restaurant in Ferostefani

Foodsteps in Oia

Memories of Santorini.