Delphi, Greece

Considered by ancient Greeks to be the center of the world. Delphi boasts of the Oracle and the temple of Apollo. The archaeological site is considered as a UNESCO world heritage site.

We stayed in one of the hotels near the Acropolis in Athens. I highly recommend taking a tour of Delphi. It can be booked through the hotel or a travel agency. We chose the latter since we purchased other day trips through their company. The tour guide picked us up around 7:45 in the morning and will drop us off at the end of the tour. Delphi is a three hour bus ride from Acropolis. I suggest waking up a little earlier to grab some breakfast. It’s also a good time to empty your bladder before you leave.

It’s the beginning of April so the weather is not too hot nor too cold. The weather is around 60 a 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here’s a list of a few items you will need if you visit around this time of the year:

A hat, good hiking/walking shoes, bottled water, sunscreen, a portable phone charger (free wi-fi available on tour bus), a light jacket, a book or something to entertain you during the trip, allergy meds (if you need it), Epi-pen if needed (bees are everywhere), backpack, snacks, and toilet paper (some restrooms may not have them).

Scenery on the way to Delphi:

One rest stop before getting to Delphi. It was nearly two hours after we got picked up. I suggest using the restroom here. Bring some TP just in case. A couple of stalls didn’t have any.

Finally here! The entrance fee is 12 euros. It was included in our day trip.

Our family decided to walk separate from our group. If you like the tour guide and want to hear more history, stick with the group. We walked ahead so we can take more pics.

Coming up: The temple of Apollo

More climbing to get to the Delphi Theatre

We’re here!

And more climbing…but the view from the top is nicer.

The Delphi stadium

Time to head back down. The images tend to change from where you stand so take pics going to and from places.

Off to the museum! Once you exit the main gate, turn right and it’s a short walk from here.

The restroom (WC) is next to the cafe, before the museum.

The Delphi Museum

Meet back with your group here. You don’t have to stay with them inside but make sure you catch them outside before they get back on the bus.

Inside the museum

Great trip to the archeological site. Lunch can be included in the price of a day trip if you want it. I recommend skipping it and just ordering from wherever you stop to eat. We stopped at a restaurant (didn’t catch the name). Food was mediocre but the view around the place was nice.

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped to see the temple of Athena. Perfect way to end the day!

(There’s also a restroom at the first overlook if you need to go before the long trip back)

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