(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #18: A girl, A dream, A wedding

Have you ever thought about your dream wedding? I caught my daughter admiring a wedding gown displayed in a store window. It made me smile. It reminded me of my own wedding (or should I say weddings).

Picture it. A big extravagant wedding in a fairy tale-like town. The sun is shining bright. Flower arrangements of different sizes and colors surrounds the altar and their sweet scents filling the air. The groom is wearing an expensive tuxedo. The bride looks radiant, her skin glowing, cheeks kissed with blush. She’s wearing a long, elegant white gown, a lacy sheer veil, and a 10 ft flowing train carried by two cherub-faced kids. Her hands covered by soft, silk gloves and she’s holding a bouquet of white exotic orchids that spills all the way to the floor. Can you see this image clearly in your mind? THIS is definitely NOT the picture of my wedding. But is this what every little girl dreams about when they get married?

I’ve heard about it, read about it, and seen it in movies. I never dreamt of my perfect wedding when I was a little girl. I asked my daughter and she said she’s never even thought of it. So I guess not all little girls dream of their perfect wedding day. I consider myself lucky for not having fancy expectations of a dream wedding. It would have been catastrophic and costly if I did (that would equal to three weddings😱). Although I’ve never dreamt of a perfect wedding as a child, I dare to dream it now. I’ve found the perfect partner (third time’s a charm). I’m old enough to know what’s reasonable, practical, and what I can afford. Now, I feel like I can dream of my perfect wedding.

I never experienced a church wedding. I’ve had three weddings and not one of them was in a church (yes, three! Don’t judge me. At least I’m not a quitter 😉). The first one was in an apartment (I think, I can’t really remember now). The second was in Las Vegas. And the third was in some kind of government building. The last one was a “lunch date” kind of wedding. I snuck out of class that day to get married at lunch time. I ran out of the building to get back to class as soon as the officiating person said “You may now kiss the bride.” I remember it just like it was yesterday. I was running across the school grounds in my black and white dress, with a short white veil and white pumps. I got caught by the Command Master Chief (the military equivalent of a vice principal) and I ended up in his office. He made me explain why I was running around in a wedding outfit. After I told him, he chuckled and took me to see the Commanding Officer (military equivalent of a principal). He made me tell my story again. This time, they both chuckled and told me to get back to class. They sure got a kick out of it! It’s not everyday they see students running around in their wedding dress. After school, I met up with my husband and we celebrated at Hooters (mozzarella sticks, chicken wings and beer 😂). Good times!

What is my dream wedding? I would like to have a simple church wedding. I would like to experience wearing a wedding gown (floor length) and have professional pictures taken to remember it. I think I’ll add this to my bucket list. Picture this, a summer wedding in Herrenberg, Germany. My immediate family and a few friends attending. My husband in a suit. Me, in a long, simple (and inexpensive) but elegant white gown. My hair in a perfectly coiffed bun. An old fashioned, Spanish style, sheer veil on my head. No need for a train. In my hands, I hold a simple bouquet of red roses or yellow sunflowers (I think this would pop in pictures). The wedding officiated by a priest in the Stiftskirche (church in the old town) and a simple celebration to follow at our favorite Italian restaurant in the market square. Sounds reasonable and practical. A dream… for now.

Today I appreciate getting to this stage in my life. I have survived two other marriages before this one. It’s been a long and rough trip getting here. I don’t regret my previous relationships. Being married to them was part of my journey. There is no more hate and animosity. I look at it as a part of my past that taught me what I really want in life. It strengthened me, but best of all, it blessed me with wonderful children.

Today is also about appreciating dreams and aspirations. Life is made of both. First we dream, then we aspire to make it a reality. We dream of a perfect life (wedding, marriage, and family). Sometimes a dream can be a fairytale, an adventure, or a scary story. It’s how we decide to end this story that matters. We can decide to stop dreaming and stop aspiring. Or we can choose to continue dreaming and create a different ending. I choose the latter. I choose to dream until I can dream no more.

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