(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #12: My Father, My Hero

Every little girl wants to be the apple of her father’s eye. He is her hero. There is nothing a father can do to make her think different. He will always be her first love. Every other guy that comes along will be compared to the standards set by her father.

When I was young, I didn’t know right from wrong. One day, he saw me treat others unfairly. I paid more attention to my wealthy friends and paid less attention to my other friends. He took me aside and sat me down. I’ll never forget what he said. “Don’t treat others better because of what they have.” He taught me that it’s those that have less that will usually be there to help me when I’m in need. He taught me to be kinder. He taught me to give more to those that have less. “Thank you for teaching me fairness and kindness dad.”

My dad was a patient man. I tested his limits on a daily basis. I wasn’t the easiest child nor teenager to have. Hell, I wasn’t easy to deal with as an adult. He never really yelled. Instead, he always spoke calmly. When he got really mad, he would just remain silent. It’s his silence that tore at my heart. I knew I really screwed up that time. Although I didn’t hear his voice yelling, his disappointment rung in my ears like a gigantic bell echoing in a cave. The silence was deafening. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. I didn’t mean to let you down. I’m sorry dad.”

My dad praised me when I deserved it. I made him so proud that day. I saw the pride in his eyes when I got voted most outstanding in class. I did it. I made him happy. It seemed like I could do no wrong in his eyes. I wish I could have given him many more proud moments. “Thanks for the praise dad.”

My dad was a simple man. Although he did well for himself, you would never have guessed that he did that well. He usually wore a simple shirt, pants, and plain shoes. At home, he would wear a plain white shirt, shorts and slippers. Although he provided the best for his family, he kept to the basics for himself (that’s how you can tell a good man). He tried to teach me about not being materialistic and not showing off. In my younger years, I didn’t understand the need to be simple. I wanted the brand name clothes and shoes. I also wanted people to know I had them. He taught me not to brag when I have more than others or if I do better than others. He said, “You can be the best without rubbing it in people’s faces.” As I grew older, I finally understood what he tried to teach me. (Being middle class helps too 😉). Thanks for teaching me humility dad.”

I had the best dad. He was my world. Although he’s gone, I cherish the memories he left me. Like the time when I was five. He used to take me during his morning walks. I would get tired and he would carry me the rest of the way home. He would always be near me when I woke up from a bad dream. As a teenager, he used to treat me and all my girlfriends to movie and pizza (they all thought I had the coolest dad). He provided for me. He protected me as best he could. He kept pulling me in the right direction. He even spoiled me 🤫 at times… actually many times. He was also tough on me when he needed to be. He was a good man. You would’ve liked him if you met him.

My dad… he was always there for me. He never gave up on me. Best of all, he loved me unconditionally. If my dad were still here I would tell him: “Thank you for all the memories and life lessons. You will always be my hero. I love you dad.”

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