(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #10: Growing, Growing, Gone

You’ve always had

that special something

To make everyone around you

feel at ease

You were always so polite

Always minding manners

“Hello, thank you, good bye, please”

I love to hear you sing my child

It soothes my very soul

It brings light and joy

and happiness

It appeases and consoles

On the days when I was sad

You would look into my eyes

You would put your little hands on me

and this is what you’d say

“Mommy, please don’t cry”

“Mommy it will be okay”

Then you grew a little more

“Mom I already know”

You didn’t want me to tell you

You wanted me to go

And still you grew a little more

“Mom you don’t get me”

“Mom you just don’t see”

You’re mistaken my dear daughter

For I get you and I see you

You are the world to me

And still you grew much older

“Oh mom, you worry too much”

words often repeated

My trusting child

People do hurt people

People get mistreated

I wish I could you protect you

today and everyday

So that nothing and nobody

can hurt you

Make you cry

Take you away

I know I only have you

For just a little bit longer

You’ll be grown and on your own

You won’t need me much further

But while you’re here

Within arms reach

Let me hold you

Let me teach

Take my hand

Let me guide you

Take my shoulder

Lean if you need to

Take my eyes

So that you can see

how wonderful and beautiful

you are to me

I love you

Kids grow up so fast. So fast that we have to remind ourselves to enjoy the moments we have with them. When they’re young, all they want is to be with us. If we don’t take this moment, it will fade all too quickly and soon they’ll be grown. When we realize we want to pay a little more attention to them, spend a little more time… it will be too late. They will have their own friends and own lives to keep them busy. Today we are their world. Today, we matter.

Today, I will appreciate the time I have with my daughter. I will try to really listen when she speaks. Play without excuse (like I have to make dinner or I’m too tired). I have often caught myself looking at the television or texting on my phone when she is talking.

Note to self:

Be in the moment… her moment.