(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #9: Walking in the Sunshine

Yesterday is too late,

Today is up for grabs, and

Tomorrow is what you make of today.

We never miss anything until it’s gone or seldom seen. Sunshine is not often a topic of conversation in normally sunny places. But in places where its presence is not normally felt, it can be sorely missed. Sunshine is like someone we love.

Living in Germany is awesome except for one drawback. It’s not the same as living in Southern California when it comes to weather. I miss the sunshine! Summers are great but the rare days in the winter when the air is chilly, the snow still falls, but the sun comes out to shine… is just SUPER (means awesome in Deutsch).

Sunshine and people, people and sunshine… see the correlation? Think about the people close to us. When we have them around everyday, we tend to take them for granted. When we don’t see them as much, we start missing them. When they are gone, we start to appreciate them.

Today, I’m walking in the sunshine! I’m basking in its warmth. What a great feeling it is to be cozy under its rays. It’s like a luxurious and comforting blanket wrapped around me. It feels like the safe, re-assuring hugs my husband gives me.

Today, I appreciate my husband. I know sometimes he drives me crazy and I forget that this man puts up with my “crazy.” Being together for a long time sometimes makes me complacent in our relationship. I guess that’s the problem with familiarity. When he has to travel, the little things he does seem more important. Little things like taking out the trash, walking across the room to plant a kiss on my forehead, or just asking me how my day went. Just like sunshine, I don’t ever want to miss him or even worse, to lose because I didn’t learn to cherish him.

I challenge you today. Appreciate someone in your life that you would miss if they weren’t around anymore. Tell them and show them how much they mean to you.