(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #8: True Reflections

How much do we really change over time? Do we become our true selves or do we lose our true identity?

Going through my memory box, I came across something I engraved on this little album 25 years ago.

Look and see

Learn to accept

Learn to love

The face that is reflected

Look deeper

Love and Live

With what is within

It may not be perfect

It may not be beautiful and kind

But it is the true self

Understand and care for what is reflected, for no one else will

A reflection of a face,

A reflection of a heart and soul

…It is I.

Looking back, the words didn’t apply to how I really felt or who I really was back then. There was turmoil inside me. I couldn’t love the person reflected. Was this a cry to be truly seen?

25 years ago, I smiled the same smile but all I saw was a stranger. I didn’t know the face that looked back at me. The face seemed happy but I knew I wasn’t. I was insecure, unsatisfied, unfulfilled. It seemed liked nobody understood the real me. They saw who I wanted them to see. I easily molded myself to what others expected. I had so many walls up that it separated me from meaningful and loving connections. How can they see the real me? I buried it so far and so deep, because I didn’t like person I was. I didn’t like ME.

25 years later, I still see the same smile but I recognize the familiar face looking back at me. I see a face aged by time and trials. I see someone confident with experience. A stronger, wiser, happier, and more satisfied ME.

I wonder if this will still apply in another 25 years. For now, I will enjoy the person I’ve become.

Today, I celebrate
the woman that is reflected.
Through all the tears and tribulations,
Through all the good and bad,
through all the happy and sad.
It is a reflection of the true self.
It may not be as pretty,
It may not be as young,
But it is a kinder, happier face.
I’ve learned to live and love,
The face that is reflected.
A face that loves many,
And allows love to be returned in kind
A naked face,
A face without layers,
A face that does not hide,
A face that does not lie,
… It is I.

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