(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #7: Halfway there

“You can do it! Keep going! You’re halfway there! You’re almost to the top!”

Words I often tell my daughter. I chose this picture because I want to tell myself the same.

I look back at the struggles I’ve had and I have to admit, I didn’t get through some of them. Some, because I lost interest, I found it too hard, or I made other excuses why I didn’t want to finish what I’ve started. In hindsight, I gave up easily. Take for example my goal of learning Deutsch and getting my B-1 certificate. This means being able to speak, write, and understand enough to get by and work in the economy.

The intensive course consists of 6 modules and a test at the end. This takes approximately 7 months to finish. It’s a 4 hour class, everyday for five days, and is taught completely in Deutsch. I have completed modules 1 and 2, started on module 3 but did not continue because I wanted to travel. Deep inside I knew it wasn’t the only reason. It’s also because it got too hard, and the teacher spoke too fast. I was constantly on google translate and it wasn’t always the correct translation. So frustrating! But you know what, they’re EXCUSES right?!

I thought I was done making excuses at my age. If there is something the military taught me, its this, If I come up with a problem, then I better come up with a solution. So, how do I fix this problem? NO MORE EXCUSES! (Another military lesson 😉)

I made up my mind that before I leave Germany, I will get my B-1 certificate. I told myself I’m almost halfway there. I just need to put in the time, sacrifice not seeing a few countries, telling friends and family not to visit for half a year, and sitting my butt down in that classroom for half a day, everyday for 7 months. I can pick up where I left off but I want to start from the very beginning. Since the class is taught in Deutsch, I will have to concentrate harder, listen more, and take more notes. If I have to take the class over and over to get it, then that’s what I’ll have to do. The struggle is real!

A message to myself:

Struggle is part of life. It either strengthens or weakens you. Set a goal and start moving towards it. If it gets hard, don’t give up. Take one step at a time, one day at a time, until you get halfway. Once there, tell yourself “I’m halfway there so might as well continue.” It will feel better and you will appreciate your achievement even more because of your struggle. You will be stronger, wiser, and better because of it. Remember, if it were easy, everyone would be on top.