(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #5: Priorities

What are your priorities? In what order (1 to 3) would you rate this picture if you were to choose from:

food for the body, food for the mind, food for the soul

I would rate it in this order: (1) food for the soul (2) food for the mind and (3) food for the body. Why?

(1) This is the time my daughter and I spend our mother-daughter time. (2) It helps me stay level-headed. I get “hangry” (hungry & angry) when I’m hungry. (3) It helps my body function properly.

These are my priorities.

Our priorities say something about us. Take for example when my co-workers and I used to talk about what’s important to us and we had to say what came to mind as quickly as possible. Some answered in this order:

-family, money, career.

-career, money, family

-family, career, money

Family wasn’t always the most important to me. That was back in my younger years when I thought I was indestructible, knew everything, and didn’t need anyone. I didn’t realize just how important it is to me until I had my own. Now, it’s on top of my list as it should be.

Having good work ethics are important and I believe in doing things right the first time and getting things done as soon as possible. But a career is not a breathing, living being that would take care of me when I’m sick or need someone to talk to. Work is work, even if I stay as late as possible everyday and do as much as I can. It will still be there the next day and more work will be added.

Money is great in order to live a cozy life but money can always be earned. Success is meaningless when I have no one to share it with in the end. What good is having all that money when I’m dead? Can’t take it with me. Does it mean I don’t want money? Of course not, it’s only practical to want it to the point that I have enough to live a comfortable life, provide for basic necessities for my family such as clothing, shelter, safety, food, and education. If I had extra, I would want to make others’ lives better as well.

Today, I appreciate having a family, good health and good food.

Happy St. Patrick’s day!

3 thoughts on “(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #5: Priorities

  1. my Choice:

    1. Fam
    2. Career
    3. Money

    Fam is always there; career is my second family; money is a plus. So my choice would be food for the mind, soul, and mind.

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  2. Body. One because you neee the body to keep the mind and soul alive.
    Take care of the vessel you are working with in order to achieve everything else!
    Mind is next because it is your hard drive! Your soul is just in the background.

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