(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #4: Plants, Friends, and Personalites

About the PPOD:

I was walking with my daughter when I saw these plants in a huge planter. It reminded me that it’s almost time to change the plants outside my windows. Then it hit me, why do I keep doing this yearly? Why not get plants that would survive through all seasons? This got me thinking… people are like plants. They have more than a few similarities.

There are many words used to describe plants. If I were to describe friends like plants, what kind of friends do I have? What kind of friend would I like to be?

Ephemeral friend – those who only stick around for a short period of time. Sometimes, they are bright, colorful, aromatic and beautiful only in the beginning. They fade quickly and are soon replaced.

Indigenous friend – friends local to the area and who we have known for awhile.

Luxuriant friend – friends who take care of themselves well and look very fit and healthy.

Parasitic friend – someone who lives off another friend, use, abuse, and overuse them or sucks the life out of them.

Tolerant friend – friends who are tolerant of our different conditions (mood swings & problems) and stick around for them.

Wild friend – friends who thrive in their own natural condition and does their own thing.

Poisonous friend – toxic friends who make others miserable because of their negative outlook on life.

Perennial friend – friends who stick around longer than seasonal friends. Usually of stronger character and have a strong base.

My brother always told me that in a lifetime, we will only have a handful of true friends. Sadly, he’s correct. I can count the number of true friends I have in one hand. They are strong, solid, and I know will weather all the seasons with me. So what kind of friends do I have? My true friends are tolerant and perennial. I have friends who are luxuriant, ephemeral, and indigenous but I steer clear of poisonous and parasitic friends.

What type of friend would I like to be? I’ve decided I want to be like the true friends that surround me. In order to keep my friendships strong and long-lasting, I have to continually nourish it with love, kindness, and understanding.

What kind of friend would you like to be?