It’s all about Perspective

When you look at this picture, do you see how far the elevator is from you or how close it is to you?

Since I started blogging 3 days ago, I found I see things more differently.  How can this be at such a short amount of time?  Is this really happening?  Can one small conscious decision to find something good about the day really change how I view the world around me?

This new found interest made me step out of the house early this morning.  A detraction from my regular schedule. Most days, I stay home around this time and start my daily chores or sit on the couch and watch TV.  I decided to walk up to the castle ruins.  A feat I haven’t done since last year.  I started walking to the Marktplatz or market square.  There is a quiet and serene atmosphere at this hour of the day.

As I climbed up the steps of the marktplazt (market square) I see the Stiftskirche (best church in Herrenberg). I’ve been passing by this church for two years and it never ceases to amaze me.  I see the top of this church no matter where I am in in our town.  Definitely no need for a watch since I hear the bell chime every quarter and every hour.

As I stood on the steps near the flagpole on top of the mountain, I noticed the sun rising while a couple exercised below.  I never would’ve taken a second look at them a few days ago.

When the couple left, I walked down to where they were and noticed some benches facing the sunrise.  At this moment, I decided that I will have to come back to this same spot.  I will just sit for a while on one of these benches and soak up the view of whatever is in front of me.

As I started walking back down, I noticed a lot of wild berry bushes growing all over the side of the mountain but there were no flowers to be seen.  As I walked some more I caught a glimpse of color out of the corner of my eye.

They were tiny, delicate-looking purple flowers that can be easily overlooked by passers-by.  Amidst all the brown and green weeds and grass, a few of these flowers grew on the base of a chopped tree.  Resilient little things!  It made me appreciate finding them even more.

As I headed down again, I noticed the playground my daughter goes to on weekends.  Again, I saw it differently.  The brown wooden planks held together by rope never looked this interesting before. Now I appreciate how such a simple creation brought happiness to many kids and even adults.

Unlike the many other times I’ve been up to the castle ruins, I noticed that I took more time to gather the sights surrounding me.  I looked up, down, and around to see what beautiful things could elicit feelings of wonder, awe, or joy. Again I asked myself, did my choice to see one positive thing about my day really change my perspective?  I wonder… and now I’m curious and excited to see how far this change takes me.