(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #2: A reflection of each other

I promise you this

If you promise me the same…

I will support you

In all you decide to do

I will lend a hand

When you need me to

I will give you space

When you feel closed-in

I will comfort you

From the end of this day

’til tomorrow begins

I will give you respect

As much respect as you give me

I can give you love

From today until eternity

I will give you trust like I trust no other

Please don’t stray

Please don’t falter

Remember that it’s the little things that matter

A relationship is always a work in progress

Appreciate every moment, every gesture, every kind word

Love is not only felt or shown

It must also be heard

I will walk beside you, never in front, never behind you

I will mind my words when I speak about you

I am your friend and your partner

We are equal you and I

A reflection of each other

About the PPOD:

I’ve been sitting at the same bus stop every morning and afternoon for two years.  I have always noticed the two trees in front of me and the sign post in the middle with two arrows pointing opposite ways.  Today my daughter and a boy stood right in front of the trees as I was taking the picture.  Perfect!  I’ve always thought the tree in front of my daughter as the female tree and the tree where the little boy stood as the male tree.  The sign post in between signifies equality in a relationship.

Sometimes we have to go through trials, hardship, and heartbreak before finding the right person who will treat us as equal.  When we do find that person it will be well worth the wait.

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