(Positive Pic Of the Day) PPOD #1: See, hear, learn

I can’t see as well as in my twenties but I can still see

I have to lean closer to hear but I can still hear

I have to understand Deutsch to learn Italian but I can still learn

Age may change me but I choose to be better than what it allows me to be.

So what’s the PPOD about?

I started taking an Italian Tourist Course here in our small town in Germany.  The Volkshochschule or VHS.  It’s comparable to a community college in the USA. The 5 day course is designed to teach tourists the basics of the Italian language.  It’s helpful when you want to go to the market, restaurant, city, or check-in to a hotel.  The teacher is German.  The course is taught in Italian but explained in Deutsch.  It helps to know the basics of the German language first.  In a few instances the teacher explained it in English for my sake.

I took this pic when I realized I’m smiling, just sitting and listening in class.  I’ve mostly been a stay-at-home mom since I retired.  Life easily became monotonous and down right boring.  It also became depressing on some days when I’m alone at home while everyone is off to school and work.  I needed something different… something challenging.

Age has truly changed me.  I have to use glasses now to be able to see.  I sit closer to the front to be able to hear.  I’m learning something taught in a language I don’t know and explained in a language I barely know.  But you know what? I can still see, hear, and learn.  I’m evolving into a more cultured person.  It will allow me to speak with our Italian friends in their native language at our favorite Italian restaurant.  It also increases my chances of mingling with the locals when I visit Italy.  The best part of taking the class is getting to talk to people and using my social skills.

As they say in Germany, Alles gut!  In Italian, Va tutto bene!  All is good!