Ouch! The story behind the logo

A big OUCH moment just happened today.  Am I embarrassed?  Yes!  I felt foolish, sad, mad, and hurt (mostly my pride).  I thought twice about posting this but I figured it would be helpful to others so I swallowed my pride.  I thought I was pretty unscammable.  My new found passion made me wreckless.

The story behind this logo:

I’m pretty green when it comes to blogs. I’ve heard about it but didn’t really know more about it until yesterday.  I had a great experience when I googled how to create a blog and it gave me WordPress.com.  This is a legit website.  Next I wanted to create a logo so again I googled it and found this:


I created my logo and paid for premium which costs $29.  When I logged on to the site, there was no way to get access of my logo.  I checked my account and I was charged $29 and $35.80.  Whoa! Wait a minute!  I Went back to the site, found “support.”  I started a chat but nobody replied.  I checked for a contact number and there was none.  When I did find a phone number on the receipt they e-mailed me, it went to voice mail. Red flags all over the place!  Went back to the site to cancel my account and as soon as I hit ‘cancel account’ it kicked me out.  The site said I needed to sign in again.  I signed in multiple times and it kept telling me that I typed an incorrect password.  Locked out and scammed!  I immediately called the bank and cancelled my card.  I’m glad I had transcripts e-mailed so I have some proof and a reminder not to be duped again.

So, what’s the silver lining in this whole tragedy?  I took a pic of the logo before I got locked out.

I now use it as my logo and this one has a story behind it.  I don’t think the people who scammed me would mind.  I did pay for it!

If anyone has seen this logo before, please let me know and I will delete it immediately.  Since I picked the designs and arranged them myself, there shouldn’t be another one like it (hopefully) 😉.  I would appreciate recommendations for legit websites or tips on how to help me create a better blog site.  Lesson learned? Definitely!  Research!  Research! Research!